K-5 Math

(COVID Emergency Release Edition V2, 2022-23)

Full-Subject Materials: Texas OER

The K-5 Math COVID Emergency Release Edition V2 2022-23 is currently called Eureka Math TEKS Edition and was built based on Texas standards. Students develop solid conceptual understanding, practice procedural skills and fluency, and apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. All topics are linked across modules and grade levels to help students build an enduring understanding of math, allowing unparalleled rigor.

The agency developed these materials as a contingency option for school systems during COVID, for those school systems that choose to use it. Prior to publication, materials go through a rigorous third-party review based on an approved rubric, including feedback from Texas educators. The program was acquired as an Open Education Resource (OER). Because it is OER, it is freely available to Texans in perpetuity. But because it was developed as a contingency option during COVID, it is still being piloted, it is undergoing regular updates, and may contain errors. The full contents of the product are available online for transparent review to assist with feedback. 

Currently, K-5 Math COVID Emergency Release Edition is available for transparent review on the vendor website and offers all the necessary components of a high-quality curriculum with additional tools to help teachers with lesson planning and prep, plus resources to help families support learning at home. Help guide continuous improvement by taking our online survey.  If you have questions or concerns about the instructional materials, please email us.

OER assessments, including K–5 Math, are now available in the Test Delivery System (TDS).

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Digital Tool Add-ons

The vendor that supplied the baseline material for the COVID release, Great Minds©, offers enhanced digital tools that complement the instructional materials. Some of these digital tool add-ons were acquired as part of a temporary state-license and offered free-of-charge to Texas school districts and educators for a limited time.

  • Eureka Math TEKS in Sync™ is a digital platform that offers all the necessary components of high-quality materials with additional tools to help teachers with lesson planning and prep, plus resources to help families support learning at home. These additional resources are not part of the full subject OER product. For Texas school districts and educators, access to these features is available through 2024.
  • Eureka Math Equip™ is a digital diagnostic tool. Complimentary access to this tool expired in August 2022.
  • Eureka Math Affirm™ is a digital formative assessment tool. This companion product was not offered free-of-charge.