Eureka Math TEKS Edition

Core K–5 Math Instructional Materials

Freely available in perpetuity

Eureka Math TEKS Edition is aligned with TEKS standards. Students build an enduring understanding of mathematics topics through linked modules at every grade level with a special focus on the why and how behind the numbers. Students develop solid conceptual understanding, practice procedural skills and fluency exercises, and apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. All topics are linked across modules and grade levels to help students build an enduring understanding of math, allowing unparalleled rigor.

The agency developed these learning resources as a contingency option for school districts during COVID. All resources are optional. Prior to publication, materials go through a rigorous third-party review. Review criteria include TEKS alignment, support for all learners, progress monitoring, implementation supports, and more. Products also are subject to a focus group of Texas educators. Given the timeline for development, errors are to be expected. If you find an error, or if you have additional questions about the product, please email us at

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The Eureka Math in Sync digital platform offers all the necessary components of a high-quality curriculum with additional tools to help teachers with lesson planning and prep, plus resources to help families support learning at home.

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