Ordering Instructional Materials

Open-Education-Resource Instructional Materials

Prior to ordering new instructional materials, consider using the free materials provided by TEA.
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School districts and open-enrollment charter schools order instructional materials for each school year using EMAT, our online ordering system. The following links may assist instructional materials coordinators:

EMAT Training

EMAT training videos are provided to assist districts and charter schools in the instructional materials ordering process. EMAT training is required for all new instructional materials coordinators, and annual review of the training is recommended for all coordinators. Training videos are updated on an annual basis, and new trainings are made available as needed.

EMAT Access 

EMAT allows for two kinds of users: ordering and view-only.  

Each district can assign up to two staff members as ordering users to manage the ordering of instructional materials through EMAT. Users with this access submit requisitions and disbursement requests through EMAT.

Each district can also assign up to two staff members as view-only users. View-only users can view orders and reports in EMAT. The superintendent may consider assigning this role to such staff members as the curriculum director or the business manager.

Apply for access online at TEA Login (TEAL). Instructions are available on the IM Help Desk. Superintendents will be contacted automatically, via email, for EMAT requests that are pending approval. Coordinators must complete the trainings available at EMAT Training and submit the training certification to instructional.materials@tea.texas.gov before access can be granted. EMAT access requests through TEAL expire after five days if no action is taken. Submitting the training certification prior to applying for access will expedite the approval process.

Instructional Materials Assistance for Districts Affected by Natural Disasters




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