EMAT Training

New instructional materials (IM) coordinators requesting ordering access (includes the ability to order state-adopted instructional materials and request technology and instructional materials allotment funds to purchase materials outside of the EMAT system) are required to complete training first (TAC §66.107). 

The 2019–20 training consists of the videos below. All new IM coordinators should view each one and then complete and submit the certification form found below the videos.

TEA highly recommends that all instructional materials coordinators view the training videos on an annual basis to maintain the most current understanding of the ordering process for state-adopted materials, including accessible instructional materials, and the process for requesting allotment funds.




Program Requisition



Component Requisition


Disbursement Requests—Part 1: Instructional Materials Disbursements  


Disbursement Requests—Part 2: Technological Equipment and Technology Services Disbursements  


Disbursement Requests—Part 3: Disbursement Tips  


Accessible Instructional Materials (2016 IMCAT Presentation)  


Allotment and TEKS Certification Instructions



Upon completion of this training, complete the Training Certification and email it to instructional.materials@tea.texas.gov.

Contact Information

Instructional Materials Ordering and Distribution
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