Texas Reading Academies Authorized Provider Application Process

Date:  December 17, 2020
Subject: Texas Reading Academies Authorized Provider Application Process
Category: Early Childhood Education
Next Steps:  Action requested of LEA: Share with appropriate staff; Action for eligible entities: Apply to become a Reading Academies Authorized Provider


Reading Academies Authorized Providers 

A Reading Academies Authorized Provider is an entity—educational service center (ESC), local educational agency (LEA), institute of higher learning, or other non-profit—that is formally approved by TEA to provide Reading Academies. All Reading Academy Providers must be formally authorized and approved by TEA based on a set of baseline requirements. Eligible providers include ESCs, districts and external organizations. 

The agency has released a noncompetitive grant eligible to all Education Service Centers to become a Reading Academies Authorized Provider. See the TEA Grant Opportunities page for more information. 

Non-ESC entities may apply to be an Authorized Provider through a competitive application process. Eligible entities may visit the Reading Practices web page to access the application on January 4, 2021, and submit a Notice of Intent to Apply to become a Non-ESC Reading Academies Authorized Provider prior to submitting the application. Entities must demonstrate capacity to execute Reading Academies at the time of application. 

To be approved as an Authorized Provider, an entity MUST agree to: 

  • Provide and facilitate House Bill (HB) 3 Reading Academies, including registration, logistical support, and technical assistance. 
  • Follow and implement HB 3 Reading Academies content as designed by TEA. 
  • Ensure all Cohort Leaders pass mandatory hiring screenings before leading sessions. 
  • Attend mandatory training as determined by TEA. 
  • Coordinate and fund travel for all Cohort Leaders. 
  • Conduct program evaluation as determined by TEA. 
  • Communicate and respond to TEA information requests. 
  • Conduct outreach to publicize HB 3 Reading Academies. 

Non-ESC entities must demonstrate the capacity to offer four Comprehensive AND eight Blended Cohorts

Forthcoming Communications 

On the following timeline, TEA will… 

December 2020

  • TAA Announcement 
  • Post Notice of Intent to Apply for Authorized Providers

January 2021

  • Post application for Authorized Providers

February 2021

  • Application for Authorized Providers closes
  • Application Review starts
  • Application Review ends
  • Announce Authorized Providers

March 2021

  • Host Authorized Provider training

All updated information will be posted on the Reading Practices site at www.tea.texas.gov/reading 

Resources to support Authorized Provider applicants: 

It is strongly recommended that applicants review the Reading Academies structure and requirements prior to completing an application. 

Recap: Texas Reading Academies Legislation 

House Bill (HB) 3 was passed by the 86th Texas Legislature, 2019, and signed into law by Governor 

Abbott on June 11, 2019. The following areas within HB 3 specifically relate to reading practices: 

  • The Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam Texas Education Code (TEC Sec. 21048 (a-2)) 
  • Reading Standards for Kindergarten Through Third Grade (TEC, Sec. 28.0062(a))
    • Literacy Academies 
    • Certified Practices
      • Phonics curriculum 
      • Placement of highly effective teachers 
      • Integrated reading instruments 
    • Reading Advisory Board 


Please contact TEA with questions via email at reading@tea.texas.gov