TEA Feedback

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) values your feedback.  

Please leave us an email TEAfeedback@tea.texas.gov or a voicemail at 512-463-9513. TEA will consider the public feedback collected when planning recommendations and guidance related to the upcoming school year.  

Please note that TEA has a multitude of Covid-19 resources available for parents, educators, and the public. You may access these items by visiting our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support and Guidance webpage. 

Before writing feedback, it may be helpful to consider some background information about TEA. This chart can help you prepare to create correspondence that will help your feedback be as useful to the agency as possible.

Background Information

What is the leadership structure of the Texas Education Agency? Statewide education leadership in Texas is provided by the Commissioner of Education, the State Board for Education, and the State Board for Educator Certification. For more information, click here.
How is education in the state of Texas governed? What are the laws and rules? The TEA (Texas Education Agency) administers the laws and rules that govern education in the state. It is helpful to know the existing laws and rules, as well as the process by which rules are adopted. Additionally, how those laws and rules are enforced may be of interest to you when writing feedback. For more information, click here.
How does TEA interact with the Texas Legislature and the Office of the Governor? What about elected officials and other state agencies? At TEA, The Office of Governmental Relations manages the agency’s communications and interactions with the Legislature, the Office of the Governor, elected officials, other state agencies, and stakeholder groups. It also can provide information and resources about legal issues that affect public education in Texas. Click here to learn more.
How can I find out who represents me in the government? Can I contact them? Find your representative (outside source) by typing in your address or your county. You will be able to view a map as well as your specific representatives. By clicking on each person’s name, you will be able to view information about them, including how to contact them.
How can I find out more about the State Board of Education? Can I contact them? The State Board of Education (SBOE) sets policies and standards for Texas public schools. The board is made up of SBOE members elected from single-member districts (outside source). Find your SBOE member (outside source). The governor appoints one member to chair the board. The current SBOE officers are Chair Keven Ellis, Vice Chair Pam Little, and Secretary Georgina Pérez.
What should I include in my feedback? When sending feedback, please be sure to clearly state the topic or main idea of your correspondence. Details, examples, and facts are also helpful to TEA when considering feedback that may influence guidance in the future.
What if my feedback includes a complaint? If you believe that an organization under the jurisdiction of TEA did not follow a school law or rule, then you should submit a complaint instead of feedback. Feedback is the offering of an opinion; a complaint means that you are pointing out a violation that has already occurred.