School Governance

The education commissioner has the authority to appoint a monitor, conservator, management team, or board of managers to oversee low-performing districts under the Texas Education Code (TEC §39.102). When acting as monitors, these appointees participate in and report to the agency on the activities of the board of trustees or the superintendent. In the conservator role, they oversee the operations of the district. If appointed as a board of managers, they exercise the powers and duties of the board of trustees. The commissioner will consider individuals who have successfully managed school districts in a program role or administrative leadership role for these appointments.

TEA’s Purchasing and Contracts Division is responsible for soliciting for Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) of qualified individuals to potentially serve as a monitor or conservator. RFQs are posted in May of odd numbered years on the Electronic State Business Daily.

TEA’s Governance & Investigations Division is responsible for the selection, training, and placement of monitors and conservators in a school district.