Monitors and Conservators

TEA is seeking to grow our pool of qualified monitors and conservators.

This page contains more information about the roles, and we encourage you to apply if you would like to be considered for a future placement.

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Supporting School Systems in Need

Monitors and conservators provide leadership, guidance, and support to school systems with identified areas for improvement. The Commissioner of Education may appoint a monitor or conservator to help school systems remedy documented issues related to accreditation, academic performance, financial accountability, or other special investigations. During the appointment, existing leadership and board trustees retain their respective roles.


In close collaboration with the school system, a monitor will support and coach staff and recommend specific actions to improve district operations and governance. A monitor will provide regular progress updates to the agency and remain in their placement until corrective actions are completed and the district or charter network can sustain improvements. This typically takes about one year.


Like a monitor, a conservator will provide support and coaching to staff, recommend improvement actions, and provide progress updates to the agency. The conservator has the additional authority to direct, approve, or disapprove an action of the board of trustees, superintendent, and/or campus principals. Conservators are expected to help implement and sustain improvements within two years of placement.

Become a Monitor or Conservator

Job Responsibilities

The duties of monitors and conservators may include the following:

  • Generate a sense of urgency and build relationships with system leaders by attending leadership and board meetings and establishing standing meetings
  • Strengthen governance by partnering with a Governance Coach and the Board President
  • Diagnose strengths and opportunities by completing a needs assessment and disseminate findings via an executive summary
  • Build system and human capital by strategically supporting professional development and process improvements by embedding accountability measures
  • Coach and guide system leaders by mentoring the superintendent and board president on TEA initiatives
  • Develop an actionable improvement plan and provide monthly progress updates
  • Institutionalize system and accountability measures by holding all parties accountable for implementation
  • Flag new challenges and measure progress with system and agency stakeholders
  • Seek evidence of sustainability by gradually reducing support, empowering leaders, and evaluating system functioning

Qualifications and Skills

TEA seeks monitors and conservators with the following qualifications and skills:

  • Substantial experience leading one or more of the following areas in K-12 education: governance, academic performance, special education, education law, finance, accounting, business operations, charter management
  • Systems thinker with the ability to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, develop a detailed plan for improvement, and support an LEA in meeting exit criteria goals
  • Experience in project and change management
  • Ability to rapidly create rapport with others, build consensus, and resolve conflict; willingness to have difficult conversations
  • Ability to skillfully navigate political structures/system and influence others

How to Apply

To learn more, please read the job description. If you wish to apply, you may fill out the application.