Special Education

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This is a voluntary survey to help determine values and priorities regarding special education in Texas. Some of these statements may be goals educators are shooting for and may not yet be in place where you are. Thank you in advance for your participation.

TEA Special Education Values and Priorities Survey
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A wide array of services and support are available for students and families needing special education services.

Data and Reports 
A variety of reports and data are available about special education programs and the students they serve. 

Dispute Resolution Process  
If a dispute should arise, TEA offers many routes for resolving the dispute.

Parent and Family Resources  
A number of services and resources are available for the families of children served in special education programs.

Programs and Services 
Programs and services are available to meet the needs of all children.

Special Education in Texas A-Z Index 
This index provides a quick reference to special education-related topics. 

In an effort to inform plans to improve special education programs across the state, TEA is engaging in a comprehensive data analysis project regarding special education in Texas. For information regarding this data analysis project, click the link below.

IEP Analysis Project Information