State Board for Educator Certification Rules - Texas Administrative Code

State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rules are part of a larger body of state agency rules known as the Texas Administrative Code (TAC). The Office of the Secretary of State collects and publishes these rules. SBEC rules are codified under Title 19, Part VII, of the TAC. Title 19 is Education, and Part VII is the State Board for Educator Certification. The SBEC may adopt new rules or amendments to or repeals of existing rules.

Use the following link to view SBEC rules that are currently in effect.

Texas Administrative Code - Currently in Effect (last updated 03-06-19) (Chapter 229; Chapter 235, Subchapters A and D)

 NOTE: The Texas Education Agency makes every effort to ensure that the information published on this Internet site is secure; however, due to the limitations of Internet security, the rules published here are for information only and do not represent legal documentation.

SBEC Rules

The following links provide information on SBEC rules:

Proposed Rules (last updated 03-15-19) 

Adopted Rules - Subject to SBOE Review (last updated 03-01-19)

Adopted Rules - Not Yet Effective (last updated 03-06-19)

Rulemaking Process

Procedures to Petition for Adoption of SBEC Rules or SBEC Rule Changes

SBEC Rule Review Plan

Texas Government Code, §2001.039, establishes a four-year rule review cycle for all state agency rules, including SBEC rules. The rule review is designed to ensure that "the reason for adopting or readopting the rule continues to exist."

Use the following links to view SBEC rules currently under review or to view the rule review plan by either the chapter number or the date the review begins:

SBEC Rules Currently Under Review (last updated 03-15-19)

2019-2022 Rule Review Plan Listed by Chapter  

2019-2022 Rule Review Plan Listed by Begin-Review Date

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