Charter School Amendments and Waivers

Contacts for Amendment and Waiver Requests

Each portfolio coordinator is assigned a portion of the state's charter portfolio and serves as the primary point of contact for their assigned schools when processing amendments and waivers linked to amendment requests.

Portfolio Coordinator Charter School Assignment
Jeff Koch
A-D charter schools; Texas College Preparatory Academy, Premier High Schools, NYOS

Mercedes Coleman

E-L charter schools; KIPP Texas Public Schools, BASIS Texas, School of Science and Technology, School of Science and Technology Discovery, Harmony Public Schools

Jeff Koch

M-So charter schools
Bernadette Labrado
Sp-Z schools; Great Hearts Texas, International Leadership of Texas, Uplift Education
Laurie McIntyre
Sp-Z schools; Great Hearts Texas, International Leadership of Texas, Uplift Education

Please submit all amendments through the electronic form submission links below.

Expansion Amendments

Types of expansion amendments

  • Adding additional grade levels not previously approved for the charter LEA
  • Adding an additional campus
  • Adding an additional site under an existing campus
  • Adding additional ISDs to the charter’s approved geographic boundary
  • Adding additional students to the charter’s approved maximum enrollment

Process for submitting an expansion amendment

What must be included in an expansion amendment

Texas Administrative Code rules for expansion amendments

Please see 19 TAC §100.1033(b)(9) Expansion Amendment Standards and 19 TAC §100.1033(b)(10) Expansion Amendments for more information on the administrative rules impacting expansions.

Non-Expansion Amendments

Types of non-expansion amendments

  • School, charter LEA, or charter holder name changes
  • Return of a campus or site
  • Relocating a campus or site
  • Postponing the opening of a campus or site
  • Changes to charter holder governance documents, such as articles of incorporation or charter bylaws
  • Addition or revision of a management contract or MOU
  • Changes to charter admission and enrollment policies
  • Significant grade level changes at a charter campus
  • Other changes to the approved charter application not already noted
  • High-quality campus designation amendments (see additional information below this section)
  • The process for submitting a non- expansion amendment:

Non-expansion amendments can be submitted at any time

Waivers Related to Expansion Amendment Requests

Charters may need to request that certain administrative rules be waived to facilitate the approval of an expansion amendment request.  

The process for submitting a waiver request:

  • Requests to waive an administrative rule must be submitted using the Other waiver application in the TEAL Waivers system.
  • Waivers submitted through the TEAL Waivers system must include a resolution from the governing board of the charter indicating approval of the waiver, signed by a quorum of the board members in attendance at the meeting that the waiver was considered.
  • Once submitted, the waiver is assigned to the charter school’s designated portfolio coordinator in the Authorizing Division who will process the waiver.

To assist in the preparation of the waiver request, a required elements checklist is available. Additional information about waivers can be found at the TEA Waivers website and in the TEA State Waivers Guidebook.

High-Quality Campus Designation

The High-Quality (HQ) designation permits a charter holder to replicate its high-quality educational program at a new charter school campus under an existing high-quality open-enrollment charter school pursuant to federal statute. Charters that receive this designation may take part in the Charter School Program Grant, whenever federal funding for the Texas Charter School Program is available.  The list of charters that are currently eligible for high quality designation may be found here.

Requirements for the HQ designation

The requirements for the HQ designation can be found in 19 TAC §100.1033(b)(13) and include the following:

  • The charter meets all general expansion requirements.
  • The charter has operated for at least 5 years. 
  • The charter is evaluated under standard accountability. 
  • The charter is accredited. 
  • The charter has 50% of students in tested grades. 
  • The most current district accountability rating is the highest or second highest. 
  • The previous two district accountability ratings are the highest or second highest. 
  • The most current rating for all campuses operated by the charter is the highest or second highest. 
  • The charter has no campus with federal interventions. 
  • The charter is not under TEC Ch. 39 or federal sanctions.
  • The new HQ campus will serve at least 100 students by the third year of operation. 
  • The new HQ campus program will be distinct from any existing campus in the charter.

To submit a request for a High-Quality Designation, use the Non-Expansion Form.

Charter School Updates

Charter schools can use the new All-In-One Form to update:

  • AskTED information
  • Request a campus number for a new campus
  • Verify information about a new campus or site
  • Update governance information, including superintendent and governance board member changes
  • Update other charter information that does not require an amendment. 
  • To assist in completing the All-In-One Form, a PDF version of the electronic form is available.