Charter School - Amendments

This page covers the process for submitting charter amendments. An amendment is any change to the terms of an open-enrollment charter. See 19 TAC §100.1033(b) - Types of Amendments for more information.

Types of amendments include:

Also included on this page is the Campus/Site Request Information Form.  If you are having difficulty opening the forms, please consult our guidance regarding errors.

Contacts for Amendment Requests

Each portfolio coordinator is assigned a portion of the state's charter portfolio and serves as the primary point of contact for their assigned schools when processing amendments and renewal applications. 

Portfolio Coordinator Charter School Assignment Large File Submission
Jeff Koch
A-D charter schools;
Texas College Preparatory Academy, Premier High Schools

Coordinator TBD; contact Bruce Marchand with any inquiries

E-L charter schools;
KIPP Texas Public Schools, BASIS Texas
Allison Werner
M-So charter schools;
Harmony Public Schools
Laurie McIntyre
Sp-Z schools; 
Great Hearts Texas, International Leadership of Texas, Uplift Education

Please submit all amendments to  

Expansion Amendments

Pursuant to SB 668, a charter holder may submit a request for approval for an expansion amendment up to 18 months before the date on which the expansion will be effective.  A request for approval of an expansion amendment does not obligate the charter holder to complete the proposed expansion.

An expansion amendment is an amendment that permits a charter school to:
  • extend the grade levels it serves;
  • add an additional campus;
  • add an additional site;
  • change its geographic boundaries; or
  • increase its maximum allowable enrollment.

See 19 TAC §100.1033(b)(9) Expansion Amendment Standards and 19 TAC §100.1033(b)(10) Expansion Amendments for more information.  

If you have difficulties opening the form, please consult our guidance below.  

The division allows access to an electronic submission option via Qualtrics (outside source) for the 2022 Charter School Expansion Amendment Form which is identical to the PDF version of the form.  This form is in a pilot year.  You may choose to use the electronic submission form at your discretion.  All applicable templates and uploads are available and allowable in the electronic submission form.  You will be able to save a copy of your responses for your records at the end of the form.  

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with the technical aspects of this form, please contact

Non-Expansion Amendments

Non-expansion amendments may be submitted at any time. Non-expansion amendments change the terms of an open-enrollment charter that relate to:

  • school name;
  • return of site;
  • charter holder name;
  • charter holder governance;
  • articles of incorporation;
  • corporate bylaws;
  • management company;
  • admission policy; or
  • the educational program of the school.

As long as the amendment does NOT involve expansion, a non-expansion amendment may also relate to:

  • grade levels;
  • maximum enrollment;
  • geographic boundaries; and
  • approved sites.

For instance, a charter holder board would need to submit a non-expansion amendment to return a site.

If you have difficulties opening the form, please consult our guidance below.

High-Quality Campus Designation

The High-Quality Campus Designation is a separate designation and must be paired with an expansion amendment. If approved by the commissioner, this designation permits a charter holder to replicate its high-quality educational program at a new charter school campus under an existing high-quality open-enrollment charter school pursuant to federal statute. Charters that receive this designation may take part in the Charter School Program Grant, whenever federal funding for the Texas Charter School Program is available. Please see 19 TAC §100.1033(b)(13) for the criteria required to apply for a High-Quality Campus Designation Application.

If you have difficulties opening the form, please consult our guidance below.

AskTED Updates

Charter schools needing to update their AskTED pages must contact  If you have AskTED-related questions, please call 512-463-9575.


The following links include more forms and documents used when submitting amendments:

Campus/Site Request Information Form

Existing charter schools must submit an amendment request to add a new campus, to merge campuses, or to separate campuses before requesting a campus number. Submit the Campus/Site Request Information Form (PDF, 1,425 KB) by email to

Submit campus number changes for the current year by September 1 to ensure time for processing by the PEIMS fall snapshot date. This policy does not apply to new active campuses opening mid-year or to campuses under construction.

For questions about campus number assignments, email or call (512) 463-9575.

Errors When Opening Files

When downloading and opening fillable PDF forms (i.e. Campus Number Request Form), you may receive an error if you try to open the file in your web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari).  Some web browsers have a built-in PDF reader; files opened in the browser default to the built-in reader rather than Adobe Reader.  If you cannot open a file, or receive an error message when trying to open it:

  • Make sure an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader is downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • Save the file you are trying to open to your computer.
  • Open Adobe Reader, and use it to open the file.

You can also right click on the saved file and select "Open With..." and select Adobe Reader to open the file instead.

If you have any questions about the information on this page, contact the Charter School Authorizing and Administration Division by email or by phone (512) 463-9575.