La Joya ISD Board of Managers


The Board of Managers will improve outcomes for La Joya ISD students by representing the vision and values of the community, and by providing oversight to ensure that the vision and values are being honored.  

Serving on the Board of Managers

Job Description Overview

The core purpose of the Board of Managers is to improve student outcomes by representing the vision and values of the community where every student is to be prepared for college, career, or the military in a manner that is equitable, transparent, and efficient. Through performance management practices, data-informed routines, and authentic stakeholder engagement, the Board of Managers provides oversight of the superintendent's management of the school district to ensure that the community's vision and values are being honored and students are being well-served. The appointed Board of Managers will temporarily replace the district's elected Board of Trustees, and the Board of Managers will assume all of the powers and authority previously held by the Board of Trustees.

Before a Board of Managers can formally be appointed, due process under state law is afforded to La Joya ISD. First, the district’s school board exercised its right to appeal the TEA Special Investigation Unit’s recommendation that a board of managers be appointed, and that appeal is scheduled to be considered by an administrative law judge (ALJ) at a hearing that will occur later this summer. The ALJ will then issue findings of fact and conclusions of law, and those findings and conclusions will be presented to the Commissioner of Education to make a final decision. The Board of Managers cannot be appointed until after the Commissioner makes his final decision, and then only if the Commissioner determines that the ALJ’s findings support the replacement of the school board with a Board of Managers. To ensure that TEA is prepared to support the community should the Commissioner ultimately decide to appoint a Board of Managers, the TEA Division of Sanction Monitoring is initiating a process to recruit prospective members of a Board of Managers. The Commissioner has not made a final decision and will evaluate the ALJ’s findings before issuing a final decision.

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Background Information

Apply for La Joya ISD Superintendent

In accordance with the Texas Education Code, the Commissioner of Education will appoint a superintendent if a board of managers is ultimately appointed in La Joya ISD. Please fill out the application at the above link to express interest in potentially serving as the appointed superintendent for the school district. The deadline for submitting a superintendent application is October 16, 2023.

Board of Manager application window closed on August 16.

Information Sessions

The Texas Education Agency will host two community meetings to provide information regarding the Board of Managers process. Community members are invited to come learn more and ask questions about the process.

For anyone that was unable to attend the community meetings, please us the following link to access the shared information:

La Joya ISD
Board of Managers Community Meeting