Chapter 37-Safe Schools

The Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 37 establishes the statutes related to student discipline, law and order in public schools. Individual school districts write and enforce student disciplinary policies that comply with the statutes.

The TEA Chapter 37 - Discipline; Law and Order Unit

TEA's Chapter 37 - Discipline, Law, and Order unit has the following responsibilities for Texas schools:

  • Provides leadership to school districts with information needed to create local disciplinary policies in line with Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code (TEC).
  • Provides a central point of contact within TEA for agency staff, parents, students, public and private agencies, and others seeking clarification concerning discipline, law and order under the Texas Education Code.
  • Provides assistance in recording PEIMS 425 Records Data from all school districts relating to disciplinary actions required by TEC Chapter 37 and Federal Law.
  • Works with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and other agencies on school safety.

Discipline Resources

The following reports and links are available resources on school discipline: