Alternative Education Accountability (AEA) Taskforce Support Materials

The Performance Reporting Division at the Texas Education Agency has formed an alternative education accountability (AEA) taskforce to develop recommendations on AEA policy and technical issues related to state and federal academic accountability indicators. The committees’ recommendations are sent to the commissioner of education who makes the final decisions on the accountability system.

The AEA taskforce neither controls nor supervises public business or policy. To ensure that the recommendations are thoughtful and carefully considered, Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff establishes a forum in which committee members feel comfortable to freely express thoughts and feelings and relate experiences.

For this reason, and in accordance with the Attorney General’s Open Meetings Handbook 2018, the meetings of AEA taskforce are closed to the public. Only committee members and relevant TEA staff may attend.

This page provides support to and resources for the AEA taskforce.

January 2022 Meeting Materials:

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