2024 Accountability Development Materials

The design of A–F reflects a commitment to recognize high student achievement and recognize the impact of highly effective educators on student progress, while maintaining focus on the students most in need. Please see the 2023 Accountability Development for details on the refresh methodology.

2024 Accountability Manual

Please see the 2024 Accountability Manual webpage. For more details, please see the TAA sent Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Preliminary 2024 Academic Accountability System Resources

Meetings of TAAG

TAAG is comprised of representatives from school districts, legislative offices, and the business community, to identify issues critical to the accountability system and makes recommendations/provides feedback on major policy issues. The committee's recommendations/feedback are sent to the commissioner of education who makes the final decisions on the accountability system. 

TEA shares TAAG materials to increase transparency and the availability of public information regarding the development of the 2024 accountability system and TAAG is focused on providing feedback on proposals that are part of A—F.  TAAG proposals may be used to surface new ideas and get feedback from committee members. 

March 2024 - Meeting of TAAG

January 2024 - Meeting of TAAG

Contact Information

Division of Performance Reporting
Phone: (512) 463-9704

Have questions? View answers to frequently asked questions, copies of presentations and district communications on our Performance Reporting Resources page.

For Education Service Center (ESC) regional support, please contact the appropriate specialist in our list of ESC Accountability Contacts.