2018 Accountability Development Materials

Each year, the Texas Education Agency convenes two advisory groups to develop key provisions of the state academic accountability system. These groups were instrumental in the establishment of the current accountability system and are central to its continued development and implementation.

The Accountability Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC), comprised of representatives from school districts and regional education service centers (ESCs), makes recommendations for major policy and technical issues. The Accountability Policy Advisory Committee (APAC), comprised of representatives from legislative offices, school districts, and the business community, identifies issues critical to the accountability system and reviews the ATAC recommendations. APAC either endorses ATAC’s recommendations or develops its own. The committees’ recommendations are sent to the commissioner of education who makes the final decisions on the accountability system.

This page contains links to the materials that each committee uses as it develops its recommendations for the accountability system. Please note that these materials are for informational purposes only and do not reflect the final recommendations of ATAC or APAC, nor do they reflect the commissioner's final decisions regarding accountability for 2018 and beyond.

All links are PDF downloads unless otherwise stated.

Commissioner's Final Decisions for 2018 Accountability  

 February 13, 2018, Meeting of APAC  

 February 12, 2018, Meeting of ATAC  

 December 4, 2017, Meeting of APAC  

 November 16–17, 2017, Meeting of ATAC  

 October 11–12, 2017, Meeting of APAC  

 September 18–19, 2017, Meeting of ATAC  



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