Certification by Examination through School Districts

School districts now have the option to review work experience for marketing, health science, and trades and industrial education certification. School districts are not required to offer this service. Educators must verify that their school district offers this service. Educators and school districts must follow the instructions below.

Educator Instructions

You must hold a current valid classroom Texas teaching certificate and bachelor's degree to add an area by examination.

  1. Verify your district is offering this service.
  2. Complete a Statement Of Qualifications (SOQ) and submit with any additional documentation required to the designated certified administrator of your employing school district.
  3. An authorized certified school administrator must review and verify your SOQ.
  4. If the experience is approved, the school district will submit verification to the TEA.
  5. TEA will review the verification, and if eligible, approve the appropriate test.
  6. TEA will email the educator and the school district once test approval has been given.
  7. You must verify passing test results in your TEA educator account under View Examinations.
  8. You must call TEA at 512-936-8400, option 2, for application instructions.

School District Instructions

School districts should establish procedures to designate the certified administrator who will review the SOQ. The  administrator should also notify the Human Resource Department because the addition of this certification may impact creditable years of service for salary increment purposes (19 TAC §153.1021 [i]).