Applicants From Outside Texas Seeking Certification

  1. I am certified in another state/country, what do I do?
    You must apply for a review of credentials if you are seeking certification in Texas and you hold a standard certificate issued by another state or country. A standard certificate is defined in TAC §230.111(c). 
    Create a TEAL account and apply for access to ECOS Educator to submit the online application and fee for a review of credentials. You must also submit the appropriate documentation to TEA as specified in the online application and the website.
  2. How long does the credentials review process take?
    The Division of Educator Certification is experiencing one of its busiest seasons on record. Processing timeframes can vary from several weeks to several months depending on the volume of applications. Once the review of credentials is completed you will receive the results by email. 
  3. Am I required to take tests in Texas?
    If you were required to take tests to obtain the certificates that you submitted for the review of credentials, you may submit additional documentation for possible exemption of Texas tests. Out-of-state test scores will not be considered without a review of credentials. 

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