School Finance Topics - One Page Descriptions

These documents provide brief overviews of various school finance topics.

Topic PDF Format

Attendance Projections

PDF 393 KB

Available School Fund (ASF) Payments

PDF 296 KB

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) and Weighted ADA (WADA)

PDF 201 KB

Basic Allotment

PDF 218 KB

Charter School Funding

PDF 249 KB

Charter School Facility Funding 

PDF 376 KB

Charter School Attendance Reporting

PDF 357 KB

Excess Local Revenue (Recapture)

PDF 256 KB

Existing Debt Allotment (EDA)

PDF 110 KB

Foundation School Program (FSP)

PDF 2.97 MB

Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA)

PDF 145 KB 

New Instructional Facility Allotment (NIFA)

PDF 110 KB

Optional Flexible School Day Program (OFSDP)

PDF 312 KB

Optional Flexible Year Program (OFYP)

PDF 250 KB

Permanent School Fund Bond Guarantee Program (BGP)

PDF 125 KB 

Qualified School Construction Bond (QSCB) Program

PDF 110 KB

Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) Program

PDF 110 KB

Regional Education Service Center (RESC) Insurance and Staff Salary Aid

       PDF 336 KB

Settle-Up Process

PDF 299 KB

Special Legislative Districts

PDF 471 KB

Staff Salary Allotment

PDF 130 KB

Student Weighting

PDF 335 KB

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)

PDF 264 KB

TX Economic Development Act (Chapter 313) Value Limitations

PDF 325 KB

Transportation Allotment

PDF 603 KB

Tuition Allotment

PDF 301 KB


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