2021-2022 Title III Multilingual Outreach LOI

The purpose of this program is to assist the TEA English Learner Support Division in improving culturally sustaining teaching practices and reduce gaps of equity to meet the diverse academic, linguistic and sociocultural needs of English learners, including immigrant students. The grantee will help impact LEAs across Texas by developing and delivering a suite of continuing education resources for families of English learners, implementing a multilingual awareness campaign, and organizing/facilitating a multilingual education advisory council that will support LEAs in building strong community connections and cultural awareness.

Grant Period

From October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022.

Applications and Award

The following table links to copies of all applications eligible for competitive review and indicates which applicant(s) are preliminarily selected to receive an award, pending successful completion of fiscal and programmatic review and negotiation.

Eligible Applications

Prelim. Award Selection

001 American Institutes for Research