Parent Training and Information Projects

The Partners Resource Network (PRN) is the nonprofit agency awarded four parent training and information (PTI) projects which now cover the entire state of Texas. These projects operate independently but do share some central administrative functions. All of the projects share the common purpose of empowering parents of children and youth with disabilities in their roles as parents, decision makers, and advocates for their children.

We offer:

  • Individual assistance over the phone and in-person to families who have questions about their child's needs
  • Workshops for parents and professionals that take place on an ongoing basis throughout Texas
  • Resources such as printed publications and online materials which are available on a variety of relevant topics

The project also provides training and information that will help youth in transition to access education, employment, and independent living. Our goal is to empower and support youth with disabilities in their roles as decision-makers and self-advocates. 

The following are the Statewide PTI Projects: 

PATH Project (Serving ESC Regions 2-6)

Lisa Cowart, PATH Director
Partners Resource Network-PATH Project

2825 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 205
Houston, TX 77042-3396
(409) 898-4684 Office

Toll free: (800) 866-4726 

TEAM Project (Serving ESC Regions 1, 13 and 20)

 Alejandra Barger, TEAM Director
 Partners Resource Network-TEAM Project

8920 Business Park Drive, Suite 140
Austin, TX 78759
(281) 969-5944 Office

Toll free: (877) 832-8945

PACT Project (Serving ESC Regions 7, 8, 10 and 11)

Shannon Rosson, PACT Director
Partners Resource Network-TEAM Project

1331 Airport Fwy, Suite 303
Euless, TX 76040
(469) 712-8409 Office

Toll free: (855) 974-1368

PEN Project (Serving ESC Regions 14-19)

Bonnie Perez Ramirez, PEN Director 
Partners Resource Project-PEN Project

3 Butterfield Trail, Suite 128A
El Paso, Texas 79906
(915) 259-8717 Office 

Toll free: (833) 847-2686