Differentiated Monitoring and Support (DMS)

The Differentiated Monitoring Support system consists of two types of special education program monitoring: Cyclical reviews and Targeted reviews.


Texas Continuous Improvement Process

The Division of Review and Support strives to improve special education services for Texas local education agencies (LEAs). The monitoring process is intended to help school districts continuously improve services and facilitate positive student outcomes. LEAs currently engaging in the Cyclical Review process, without an on-site visit, will be asked to participate in and distribute an electronic Stakeholder Survey. The Division of Review and Support has developed a FAQ to provide guidance on frequent questions and/or concerns expressed regarding the survey.


Cyclical Reviews

State education agencies have a responsibility under federal law, to establish a system of general supervision that monitors local education agencies' (LEA) implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) of 2004. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is accountable to monitor local education agencies (LEAs) to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and to improve services and results for students with disabilities. 

The TEA will conduct IDEA cyclical reviews to determine compliance with federal and state laws for serving students with disabilities; and to assist LEAs in resolving specific issues or concerns that impact services and outcomes for students with disabilities.

All LEAs in the state of Texas will be, at a minimum, monitored every six years in a scheduled cycle. Cyclical monitoring schedules are published on the TEA website in two-year increments. LEAs participating in cyclical monitoring will also receive correspondence from the TEA at the start of the school year, and throughout the monitoring process. Each school year, LEAs selected for monitoring will be reviewed in three groups as follows:

Group 1: October-December

Group 2: January-March

Group 3: April-June

The cyclical schedules can be found here: 


Cyclical Monitoring Reports

The TEA reviews data collected as part of any monitoring review activity to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements. The cyclical monitoring reports provide the results of the LEA's compliance review related to state general supervision requirements. The reports for each cycle are available on the page linked below.


Targeted Reviews

Performance levels determined for each LEA will trigger differentiated levels of monitoring and enforcement by the agency to improve results-driven outcomes for students. The indicators will be used as a preventative diagnostic for LEAs to develop solutions for issues impacting results for students with disabilities. The performance levels identify the need for more in-depth analysis. LEAs that are identified as having an overall Determination level of 2, 3, or 4 will be asked to participate in a Targeted Support Review which will focus on the identified areas that require intervention.

Intensive Support

For the 2022-2023 School Year, Local Education Agencies (LEA) that have been identified as having Significant Disproportionality – Year 3 (SD3) and a Determination Level (DL) 3 or Determination Level 4 will be required to participate in Intensive Support. The Texas Education Agency in conjunction with the LEA will complete a comprehensive diagnostic data review (CDDR) including a facilitated root cause analysis to provide recommendations and support for reducing Significant Disproportionality.

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