Texas State Match Fund

Classroom Connectivity: Important E-rate Funding Year 2019 Dates

E-rate Funding Year 19 is the last year state matching funds will be available

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LEA Application Process

Flow Chart of Application Process

How to Apply:

  • Using USAC EPC online system, LEA submits E-rate Form 471 to USAC
    • Indicate on your FRN that special construction costs are included
    • Check “Yes” when prompted “Is there a state or tribal match available for your E-rate special construction funding request?”
    • Specify the dollar amount of the state matching funds requested
    • When prompted to upload supporting documentation, link to USAC’s state match website: http://www.usac.org/sl/applicants/beforeyoubegin/state-matching-provision.aspx  
  • Electronically submit the Application for Texas Classroom Connectivity Special Construction State Match (Form CCI.A) for FY 2019.
    • After E-rate Form 471 filing window ends and prior to receiving Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL)
    • Information should match information submitted on E-rate Form 471
  • Submit the 2019-2021 E-rate Classroom Connectivity State Match Grant application.. Go to the TEA Grant Opportunities webpage, and choose the 2019-2021 E-rate Classroom Connectivity State Match Grant. The grant application is available now.
  • The TEA reviews the submitted Form CCI.A
    • TEA Award Letter emailed to LEA
  • Applicant sends TEA Award Letter to USAC by amending E-rate Form 471, and/or providing to PIA

After USAC Review and Approval:

LEA’s Role

  • Complete E-rate application process in accordance with E-rate rules and regulations
  • Initiate Texas State Match request by submitting Form CCI.A
  • Submit the 2018-2021 E-rate Classroom Connectivity State Match Grant application
  • Notify the TEA of USAC decision by submitting FCDL and Form CCI.B
  • Comply with the TEA monitoring requirements of project progress
  • Pay the provider the state match funds for the special construction project
  • Once your district's special construction project is complete, submit Form CCI.C Notification of Completion of Special Construction Project and USAC Disbursement of Special Construction Funding


    TEA's Role

    • Administer the Texas State Matching Fund Program
    • If application is approved, the TEA reserves the funds and sends the applicant the TEA Award Letter
    • For approved projects, disburse funds within 30 days of USAC FRN reimbursement date. 

    USAC’s Role

    • USAC Reviews E-rate Form 471 and TEA Award Letter
    • USAC determines eligibility and sends Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) to Applicant


    Texas Classroom Connectivity team: classroomconnectivity@tea.texas.gov
    Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
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    Important Updates


    Funding Year 2019 window is now closed!

    File your Form 471 no later than March 27, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EDT!

     For information on Funding Year 2019 State Matching funds and priorities, see this letter.

     Texas State Match application process is here.

    Feb. 6, 2018 Videoconference - Don't Let Your Texas State Match Application Be Denied!

    Contact Information
    TEA Classroom Connectivity Initiative and State Match Contact: