Strong Foundations Planning

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Strong Foundations Planning is a TEA-sponsored initiative strategically allocating funds to assure that all districts can create instructional frameworks aligned to the research-based instructional strategies (RBIS) that serve as tools for districts to make instructional decisions. To accomplish this, districts are funded to: 

  1. Assure that curriculum is aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.
  2. Implement a structure of change management, enabling district leaders, principals, and teachers to create an instructional framework appropriate to their district context that improves curriculum implementation.
  3. Partner with an approved provider from the Strong Foundations Approved Provider (AP) List, found on the LASO Cycle II website

Districts should use Strong Foundations grants to support instructional shifts, which require a constructed and successful change management system.

Strong Foundations Planning manages an instructional change process. It creates enabling conditions to adopt and implement high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) for the long term. 

Strong Foundations Planning Sequence

Strong Foundations Roadmap
  1. Build a Roadmap
    • Build a math/literacy committee
    • Plan framework development process
    • Create and norm on decision-making process
  2. Communications Plan
    • Determine who are the larger stakeholder groups
    • Develop customized communication plans for each group
    • Setup systems of coaching for stakeholders throughout the process
  3. Collective Learning
    • Develop a collective learning scope and sequence focused on the research-based instructional strategies (RBIS) in math and/or literacy
    • Complete collective learning with the committee
    • Stamp key collective learning takeaways
  4. Develop Framework
    • ​​​​​​Based on learning, draft vision, and framework
    • Collect feedback and iterate upon the draft with the committee
    • Vote on the final framework
  5. Implement Framework
    • Use the final framework to assess existing district supports including:
      • Curriculum and instructional materials
      • Professional learning focus and design
      • Coaching structures and tools
  6. Plan for Instructional Materials
    • Provide customized support for the district such as:
      • Develop a process for the adoption of HQIM or
      • Plan for the implementation of the previously adopted HQIM

Support from Approved Providers

APs support LEAs in the development and submission process for each grant deliverable. This support is from start to finish and will include initial development, feedback, revision, and final product creation for each deliverable. 

The milestone dates are set to support the successful completion of the framework development process and the next steps each LEA considers in their implementation plan. 


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