Data Driven Instruction Best Practices

In addition to the numerous Prekindergarten through 2nd grade assessment related resources in the lists below, TEA has partnered with the Region 4 Education Service Center to provide additional support of the mandated kindergarten beginning-of-year literacy screener, as well as the early childhood assessments on the Commissioner-approved lists. The purpose of this grant is not to replace current services provided by Education Service Centers or assessment vendors, but rather to find other areas that would assist LEAs with successful implementation of assessment tools on the Commissioner-approved lists, including a Kindergarten Assessment tool. This page will provide upcoming services related to the Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Initiative. This initiative was created as a result of House Bill 3 to support districts and open-enrollment charters with the grant project goals:

  • Creating awareness of assessment requirements and tool selection/adoption
  • Supporting implementation of assessments with fidelity
  • Supporting use of data to drive instruction
  • Supporting data submission

The initiative has expanded to support various TEA early childhood assessment projects, including providing support to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Education Service Centers (ESCs) with Prekindergarten through 2nd grade assessments, as they relate to the grant goals listed above.

23-24 Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Initiative Training Opportunities

We have partnered with Commissioner-approved assessment vendors to offer grant-funded sessions to support the training needs of LEAs. These trainings are grant-funded and offered to all LEAs across Texas, free-of-charge.

Available Trainings

ECAS Office Hours

To support any questions or concerns regarding the Kindergarten Literacy Screeners, or other early childhood assessment on the Commissioner-approved lists, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with a member of the Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Team at your convenience. You can sign up with this Registration Link.

Please visit the Early Childhood Assessment (ECAS) Initiative website for more details.

Upcoming Webinars and Office Hours

The list below shows upcoming professional learning sessions, Office Hours, and/or webinars. Each session has a registration link available.
Title Session Date and Time Registration or Session Link
High-Quality Prekindergarten Teacher Qualifications Webinar
ECE Office Hour

Recorded Webinars and Office Hours

You can access recorded professional learning sessions, Office Hours, and/or webinars. The list is setup with the most recent sessions at the top.
Title Description Session Date and Time
Best practices in ECE: Kindergarten Guide- Learning Environments (Webinar 2 of 2) Kindergarten Guide: Learning Environments
TECPEDS for Teachers/Paraprofessionals TECPEDS for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
Best practices in ECE: Administrator Guide (Webinar 1 of 1) ECE Administrator Guide
Best practices in ECE: Prekindergarten Guide- Learning Environments (Webinar 2 of 2) Prekindergarten Guide: Learning Environments
Best Practices in ECE: Kindergarten Guide (Webinar 1 of 2) Kindergarten Guide
Best Practices in ECE: Prekindergarten Guide Webinar 1 of 2 Best Practices in ECE: Prekindergarten Guide Webinar 1 of 2
TECPDS for Administrators This webinar will discuss the benefits and how-tos of using TECPDS as an Administrator who supports early childhood educators.
Prekindergarten Guidelines Office Hours This session will allow people to ask any questions about the 2022 Prekindergarten guidelines.
Preparing for High-Quality Prekindergarten ECDS Submission Office Hour This session will provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming PK data submission in ECDS.
Best practices in ECE: Prekindergarten Guide (Webinar 1 of 2) This webinar will highlight best practices in early childhood, specific to prekindergarten teachers through our new webpages on the TEA- early childhood website.
Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) Assessment Submission Guidance This session provides information regarding the data submission to ECDS for PK and K.
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Student Progress Monitoring This session provides information about the HQPK Student Progress Monitoring requirement and how to meet it.
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Curriculum This session provides information regarding the HQPK Curriculum requirement and how to meet it.
ECE Office Hours: Prekindergarten Partnerships This session includes discussion of components of prekindergarten partnerships.
High-Quality Prekindergarten Component: Teacher:Student Ratio This session provides information regarding the HQPK Teacher:Student ratio and how to meet it.
Prekindergarten 101 This session provides an overview of Prekindergarten topics, including student eligibility, HQPK, partnerships, etc.
High-Quality Prekindergarten Component: Data Reporting This session addresses the data reporting requirements of the high-quality prekindergarten program.
Prekindergarten Registration and Enrollment This session covers prekindergarten registration and enrollment including eligibility information and prekindergarten tuition.
Prekindergarten 3 Webinar and Comparison Resources
Prekindergarten Partnerships Informational Video
High-Quality Prekindergarten Component: Family Engagement
Prekindergarten Tuition
2022-2023 Prekindergarten Program Self-Assessment
Prekindergarten Partnership Data Fields Webinar
High-Quality Prekindergarten Component: Program Evaluation