2022-2023 LASO Grant: Delayed Award Announcement

Date:  February 16, 2023
Subject: 2022-2023 LASO Grant: Revised Awards Announcement Timeline
Category: Notice
Next Steps:  Share with appropriate staff


The purpose of this letter is to inform local educational agencies (LEAs) of a change in timeline for the 2022-2023 Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities (LASO) grant. The LASO grant is the next iteration of a universal consolidated application cycle, strategically batching eight unique grant funding opportunities to optimize continued learning acceleration and provide innovation opportunities. 

Notice of Changes and Updated Timeline 

Previous communications named that LEAs would receive award notifications between February 7th and February 14th. This announcement will be slightly delayed, affecting both communications to LEAs and ensuing timeline dates. Please take note of the updated timeline. 

  • The revised award announcement date is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 21st, and each LEA will receive notification of its award status via email from LASO@tea.texas.gov.  
  • The start date for the Technology Lending Grant (TLG), Early College High School (ECHS), and Pathways to Technology in Early College High School (PTECH) named in initial program guidelines will now be February 21st.   
  • An errata is posted on the Grant Opportunities website and on the LASO website. 

The eGrants portion of the application, including the application designation certification, assurances, and budget summary, will be open for LASO awardees for 30 days following the award date 

LEAs do not have to take any action until receiving an award notification. Due to the competitive nature of the grant, TEA will not be able to comment on an LEA’s award status until award announcements are made.

For Further Information and Resources 

For information and guidance regarding the LASO grant including detailed program descriptions of each grant, please visit https://tea.texas.gov/laso. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at laso@tea.texas.gov.