Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities (LASO)


The Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities (LASO) is the next iteration of a universal consolidated application cycle that strategically batches grant funding opportunities that are supporting with continued learning acceleration and innovation opportunities.

LASO program grants are anchored in five learning acceleration strategies: Strategic Planning, Instructional Materials, Teacher Pipelines, More Time and Innovative School Models. 


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and performance management to prioritize, launch, and continuously improve learning acceleration strategies

Instructional Materials

Rigorous, high-quality instructional materials designed to make up ground and master grade level TEKS

Teacher Pipelines

Talent pipelines that support teachers to deliver excellence in the classroom, getting more than 1 year of growth in 1 year

More Time

More time for the students in most need, including expanding instructional time in the summer and with targeted tutoring

Innovative School Models

Innovative school models to incorporate all of the learning acceleration framework


LASO Communications and Program Grant Information

Click on the corresponding links below to access information on LASO Cycle 1 and LASO Cycle 2.