Government Relations and Legal

  • Governmental Relations
    The Office of Governmental Relations manages the agency’s communications and interactions with the Texas Legislature, the Office of the Governor, elected officials, other state agencies, and stakeholder groups. Any legislative inquiries can be emailed to or call (512) 463- 9682.

    Legal Services

    The Office of Legal Services division provides information and resources about legal issues that affect public education in Texas. Our office can answer general questions and provide information about state law, but we cannot give legal advice to either side of a dispute. 


    The links below provide information about the services our division provides. If have any questions, you can contact our legal office directly at (512) 463-9720 or by email at

    2018 Texas School Law Bulletin Survey
    The Texas Education Code and other pertinent laws that impact the operation of public school districts can be found in the Texas School Law Bulletin, which is intended to serve as a handy reference guide for school trustees, educators, and members of the general public. Publication orders may be submitted to the Publication Department. Please click on link for publication orders.    

    Hearings & Appeals
    This page contains information about appeals to the Commissioner of Education for teacher employment, contract non-renewals, terminations, and suspension without pay that are governed by the Texas Education Code, Section 21.301. Hearings before a Certified Hearing Examiner refer to the Texas Education Code, Section 21.251, Applicability.

    Open Education Resource Instructional Material 
    Public Notice Seeking Public Comment on Texas Education Agency's (TEA's) Proposed Open Education Resource Instructional Materials License Developed Under the Texas Education Code.

    Address Confidentiality Program, Office of the Attorney General
    This page contains information about the enrollment of a student in a household participating in the Office of Attorney General (OAG) Address Confidentiality Program.

    Charter Admission, Enrollment, and Withdraw 2017-2018
    This letter summarizes several important statutes relating to open-enrollment charter school admission, enrollment, and withdrawal. We hope you will find this summary helpful as you begin the 2017-2018 school year.
    Attendance, Admission, Enrollment Records, and Tuition 2017-2018
    This letter summarizes several important statutes relating to student attendance, public school admission, enrollment records, and tuition. Included in the letter we have identified which statutes do or do not apply to open-enrollment charter schools. We hope you will find this summary helpful as you begin the 2017-2018 school year.

    Authorization Agreement for Nonparent Relative under Chapter 34, Family Code
    This page contains information about the rules dictating school enrollment when a child is in the care of a non-parent relative.

    Civil Action 5281 and Conveyance of Property Deeds
    Civil Action 5281 was a federal court order enforcing desegregation of Texas public schools. In 2010, the federal court that had jurisdiction over statewide desegregation entered an order removing all school districts from the scope of the Civil Action 5281.

    Public Information (Open Records)
    Members of the media and the general public can submit a public information request for any TEA record that is subject to the Public Information Act (PIA). Information subject to the act includes any data that is collected, assembled, or maintained by or for the agency in connection with the transaction of official business.

    Special Education Dispute Resolution
    This page contains Information on special education mediation and the special education due process hearings programs.  
    Additional Legal Resources
    Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Office of Legal Services have no control over the content of these sites. If you find an error on one of the sites, contact the webmaster of that site.

    Student Discipline Matters
    The Commissioner of Education generally does not have authority over local student discipline matters, with the exception of Texas Education Code Chapter 37.006 (i) and 37.006 (j). Student disciplinary appeals should be filed in the State District Court in the county in which the school district's administrative offices are located.

    The Texas Education Code is maintained by Texas Legislature Online which will update the Code when the changes are received from the publisher. Please review the Texas Legislature Online website for the current status.