Texas School Law Bulletin

Current Edition: 2024

Under Section 7.055(b)(9)of the Texas Education Code (TEC), the Commissioner of Education is required to publish a manual at least once every two years that contains Titles 1 and 2 of the TEC, any other provisions of the TEC relating specifically to public primary or secondary education, and an appendix of all other state laws relating to public primary or secondary education and to provide for the distribution of the manual as determined by the State Board of Education.

The Texas School Law Bulletin is printed every two years to capture the applicable Texas statutes, including enactments from the current Texas legislative session and any special session(s).  After each Texas legislative session, TEA’s Office of the General Counsel issues updated editions of the Bulletin. The Bulletin is made available to legislative offices, state agencies, local school districts, secondary and post-secondary institutions, and members of the public.

2024 Texas School Law Bulletin

Purchasing Information

Please fill out the 2024 Texas School Law Bulletin Order Form and submit by email to publications@tea.texas.gov and cc tealegal@tea.texas.gov.

What is the price of the bulletin?

The cost of the bulletin is $75.00, which includes shipping. Each bulletin will include instructions with a downloadable link and detailed instructions for both the eBook and App options. If you have any issues with downloading the eBook, please contact BlueMedia 360, as they will provide technical troubleshooting and support. TEA does not oversee the technical support.

When will I get my order?

Orders will be shipped when the Agency has received your check, money order, or purchase order, made payable to the Texas Education Agency.

Additional Information

2022 School Law Bulletin Errors

Certain unintentional errors, which are listed below, have been identified in the distributed 2022 Texas School Law Bulletin Publication. The digital version of the publication has been updated by the publisher to reflect the corrected content. A list of the errors can be found here. TEA apologizes for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

List of errors found in the bulletin: 

  • TEC 28.025 (b-1)(4), (b-22) and (b-23) appeared to be missing from the school law bulletin.
  • TEC 28.0217 Accelerated Instruction for High School Students was not updated to reflect the amendment made by HB 4545.
  • TEC 12.101(a) with a reference to the State Board of Education, rather than the Commissioner, in the first line of the subsection.
  • Chapter 43 of the Penal Code was all omitted.

If you discover additional errors, please report them to TEA at the following address: tealegal@tea.texas.gov so that TEA can continue its work to make this publication as accurate and reliable as possible.

Contact Information

Additional questions may be submitted to tealegal@tea.texas.gov or you may call our Legal office at (512) 463-9720.