Charter Schools - Renewals

Charter school renewals occur annually.  A charter must petition for renewal five years after the charter is first awarded, and then every ten years thereafter.  Rules outlining the renewal process are written in 19 TAC §100.1031 - Renewal of an Open-Enrollment Charter.

All schools seeking renewal must submit a renewal application petition.  There are three categories of renewals: Expedited, Discretionary, and Expiration.  Schools subject to Expedited criteria are automatically offered a renewal contract.  Schools in the Discretionary category are subject to a greater level of scrutiny by the Texas Education Agency and other Texas agencies, including a site visit by Texas Education Agency staff.  The charters of schools falling in the Expiration category are not renewed.

2019 Renewals

  • Austin Discovery School (Expedited)
  • Corpus Christi Montessori School (Expedited)
  • El Paso Leadership Academy (Discretionary)
  • Evolution Academy (Discretionary)
  • Golden Rule Charter School (Expedited)
  • Lighthouse Charter School (Discretionary)
  • Montessori for All (Discretionary)
  • School of Science and Technology (Expedited)
  • The Excel Center (for Adults) (Discretionary)
  • UTPB STEM Academy (Expedited)

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