Charter Schools - Renewals

Charter school renewals occur annually.  A charter must petition for renewal five years after the charter is first awarded, and then every ten years thereafter.  All schools seeking renewal must submit a renewal application. 

Texas Education Code (TEC) §12.1141 requires the commissioner of education to develop a charter renewal process.  This process must include consideration of the charter school's academic and financial performance.  Based on the charter school's performance, it will be placed into one of three renewal categories: (1) expedited renewal; (2) expiration (Closure); or (3) discretionary consideration of renewal or denial of renewal.  View additional information about renewal categories (PDF, 97 KB) and review the relevant statute (TEC §12.1141) and rules (19 Texas Administrative Code §§100.1031 and 100.1032) that guide the renewal process.

2022 Renewals

  • Universal Academy
  • Compass Rose Public Schools
  • Goodwater Montessori School

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