Charter Schools - Funding

Public schools in Texas receive state funds based on the average daily attendance (ADA) of students. This process is the same for independent school districts and for open-enrollment charter schools. The Foundation School Program (FSP) is the source for these funds.  See the Charter School Finance page for more information.

Unlike independent school districts, open-enrollment charter schools do not receive funds from local tax revenue.


Open-enrollment charter schools may accept charitable donations from private sources and other public sources. Any donations must be voluntary and cannot be a condition for admission or continued enrollment.

Tuition and Fees

Open-enrollment charter schools may not charge tuition. They may only charge fees that independent school districts can charge.

Charter School Grants

TEA is the recipient of two grants specifically for charter schools.

  • The Public Charter School Start-Up Grant is available for new charter schools that meet the federal definition of a charter school. and have never received Public Charter Schools Program start-up funds.  This includes:
    • charter schools recently awarded by the commissioner of education;
    • campus charter schools; and
    • schools designated as new schools under an existing charter through the charter amendment process.  See New School Designation for more information.
  • The Charter School Program High-Quality Replication Grant provides funding to assist with the replication of existing high-quality charter schools.  These new charter schools must meet the federal definition of a charter school and have never received federal funds for this purpose.  Eligible applicants include:
    • campus charter schools that are designed to replicate a high quality charter school campus; and
    • campuses designated as high-quality campuses through the charter amendment process.  See High-Quality Campus Designation for more information.

Previous Requests for Application (RFA) for both grants are available on the TEA Grant Opportunities website. In the Search Options box:

  1. Select the name of the RFA from the Application Name drop-down list.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Scroll down to the Application and Support Information section to view all documents for each RFA.

Opportunity Zone Locator

To help applicants locate federally-declared opportunity zones, the TEA has created an Opportunity Zone Locator (outside source).

Planning Grant

Texas does not offer a pre-planning grant (i.e., before charter award).  Grants are only available to awarded charter schools.

If you have any questions about the information on this page, contract the Charter School Authorizing and Administration Division by e-mail at or by phone at (512) 463-9575.