Charter Schools - Charter Staff

This is the contacts page for the Charter Authorizing and Administration Division staff.  The area code for all phone numbers is 512.

Name Phone  
Marian Schutte 463-9612 Division Director, CSP Project Director
Lindsay Denman 463-9658 Texas Partnerships, District Charter Campus Support
John DiPietro 463-9956 Data Requests, Student Records, Web Pages
Natalie Elliott 463-9808 Charter Applications, First-Year Site Visits
John Garland 463-3533 Charter Applications, First-Year Site Visits
Melissa Giesberg 463-2633 Data Requests, Performance Framework, Program Evaluation and Data Reporting, CSP Subgrants
Jeffrey Koch 463-9060 Portfolio Management (Charter Holders A-L, Texas College Preparatory, Premier High Schools), Amendments/Revisions, Governance, Renewals, Revocations/Closures
Bruce Marchand 936-2929 Charter Portfolio Management, ESC Representative, Charter Board Training
Dana Moses 463-9910 Charter School Performance Framework, Charter Student Admission Applications, WaitlistPortfolio Analysis
Laurie McIntyre 463-9977 Portfolio Management (Charter Holders M-Z, Great Hearts, International Leadership Texas, Uplift Education), Amendments/Revisions, Governance, Renewals, Revocations/Closures
Dianna Muldrow   Portfolio Management, Amendments/Revisions, Governance, Renewals, Revocations/Closures
Alisa Richey 463-9575 Executive Administrative Assistant
Drue Ann Wise 463-3419 Charter Applications, Charter Launch, External Reviewers, Charter Mentors, Summer Summit

If you have a question and are unsure about which staff member to contact, please reach out to the Charter Authorizing and Administration Division by email at or by phone at (512) 463-9575.