School Redesign Fund

The Texas Education Agency is committed to relentlessly focusing on the students in low-performing schools.

To this end, the School Redesign Fund (SRF) aims to increase the number of students in highly rated campuses by supporting districts committed to transforming low-performing schools and creating better options for students.

SRF provides competitive grant opportunities and technical assistance with the intent to empower and support districts with comprehensive and bold school redesign plans.

Competitive Grants

The Texas Education Agency is committed to relentlessly focusing on the students in struggling schools by transforming these schools and creating better options.  To support local education agencies in accomplishing this goal, the Division of System Support and Innovation is creating new competitive grant opportunities.

2017-2019 School Redesign Grant, Pilot Cycle

The purpose of the school redesign grant competition is to provide districts with resources to develop and implement aggressive school redesign initiatives in Title I low-performing schools.  The school redesign plans will provide an opportunity for districts to create new and improved learning environments that can substantially increase the likelihood of improved student achievement.

Program Description

School Redesign is a comprehensive and bold approach by districts to increase the number of students in highly-rated schools through a supported implementation of a school redesign initiative in low-performing schools. A school redesign should be developed and planned within the framework of three critical components:

  •  School Redesign Model 
  • Implementation Plan  
  • Operational Flexibility Plan  

Exceptional applicants will present a strong plan for bold, evidence-based school redesigns that provide campus leadership with the operational flexibility necessary for a successful implementation. School redesigns should be supported by a school redesign partner with a strong track record of improving student achievement in schools with similar context.

Through the 2017–2019 School Redesign Grant, Pilot Cycle, TEA will provide approximately 5 to 10 awards ranging in amounts from $250,000 to $1.5 million to support districts with the development and/or implementation of a school redesign. The grants will fund applicants during the planning and implementation, or only the implementation phase of a school redesign over a 23 month grant period ending on July 31, 2019. Districts may use up to 12 months to engage in a planning process before implementation. Upon completion of the grant period, grantees may be eligible for continuation funding to support the continued implementation of the school redesign.

ELIGIBILITY: TEA will seek applications from districts on behalf of eligible campuses.  Eligible campuses are current 2016-2017 Title I Priority and Focus schools that are not currently receiving Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS) Cycle 4 or 5 grant funds. A district seeking funding for multiple eligible campuses will be asked to submit an individual application for each campus.

Districts should consult the Request for Application and Program Guidelines available on the TEA Grant Opportunities page for information.

School Redesign Resources

Contact Information

For additional information, contact:

Marian Schutte
Director, Division of System Support and Innovation