Visiting International Teachers

TEA’s visiting international teacher program promotes inter-culturalism between Texas and other countries. Both countries have the opportunity to foster and show appreciation of the cultures shared by each community. Our mission is to support foreign educators coming to Texas to teach, study, conduct research, demonstrate special skills and share teaching practices and experiences.

Out of country certified educators who are actively participating in a TEA approved J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program may be eligible to receive the visiting international teacher certificate. The visiting international teacher certificate is valid for three years and may be extended two additional years, for a maximum total of five years, for all candidates actively enrolled in and in good standing with a Visiting International Teacher Program.


TEA Approved J-1 Visa Exchange Program Sponsors

Teachers participating in the programs listed below may be eligible for issuance of the Visiting International Teacher certificate.

If you are a J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program officially approved by the United States Department of State and would like your visiting teachers to be issued a Texas visiting international teacher certificate, please submit your request to the TEA Help Desk. New applicants must apply before June 30 to be eligible for the upcoming school year.

J-1 Visa Exchange Programs seeking a no objection letter for visa sponsorship must submit a request to the TEA Help Desk.

District Staff Information

Only approved school districts who are partnered with a TEA approved J-1 Visa Exchange Program have access to submit the VIT application via the Educator Certification Online System for Entities. For assistance with accessing the VIT application, please submit your request to the TEA Help Desk

Visiting Teacher Requirements

Requirements verified by the visitor program

  • Meet requirements in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 230.11
  • Visiting teachers must hold a valid credential from another country and equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher in the United States
  • Demonstrate oral English language proficiency
  • Demonstrate subject matter competence in the subject area they are teaching

Requirements for certificate issuance 

  • Teachers must obtain a social security number to complete fingerprinting and background check
  • VIT Online Application (submitted by employing ISD)
  • $78.00 application fee
  • $40.25 fingerprinting fee
  • Copy of DS-2019 or a formal letter issued by the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

History/VIT Data

School Year Total VIT Certificates Issued
2014-2015 206
2015-2016 227
2016-2017 260
2017-2018 164
2018-2019 126
2019-2020 214
2020-2021 113
2021-2022 226
2022-2023 -