School District Teaching Permits

Application for any SDTP Other Than Noncore Academic CTE teaching assignment issued by authority of the commissioner of education. Since 1995, Texas law has allowed school districts to issue a school district teaching permit (SDTP) to someone who does not hold a teaching certificate (Texas Education Code §21.055). A teacher employed on a school district teaching permit is not certified by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).

Local districts should carefully consider the courses the individual with a school district teaching permit will be teaching and ensure the individual has sufficient education and expertise to provide the instruction necessary to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the courses.

A school district teaching permit is valid for classroom teaching assignments only and is not available for any other assignment, including:

  • school counselor
  • school librarian
  • administrator
  • any other professional assignment outside of classroom teacher; or
  • special education, bilingual education, or English as a second language; or
  • prekindergarten/preK4 teacher

Classroom Management Training

Individuals teaching under a school district teaching permit for noncore academic career and technical education (CTE) courses must obtain at least 20 hours of classroom management training and must comply with any other continuing education requirements determined by the local board of trustees.

Criminal History

Before issuing a school district teaching permit to an individual, a district must ensure that the individual has completed the criminal background check in compliance with State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rules mandated by TEC §22.0833 for a non-certified employee.
State law requires the superintendent to certify to the board of trustees that the individual has undergone a criminal history background check and is capable of proper classroom management.

Required Notification

If the candidate meets the criteria, the district may employ the individual and submit the school district teaching permit form no later than the 31st day of employment. State law requires the district to provide the commissioner with a written statement identifying the person, the courses he or she will teach, and his or her qualifications to teach the course. The school district teaching permit application form (PDF) is used to satisfy the district requirement to notify the commissioner of education of the SDTP issued.

Submit only the completed SDTP application form. Any documents sent accompanying the application form will be rejected and securely discarded.  The district is responsible for retaining all supporting documentation of the individual’s qualifications for the SDTP being issued.  These documents shall be maintained by the district and readily available upon request for five years beyond the individual’s last day of employment.

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School District Teaching Permits