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Frequently Asked Questions

All teacher candidates participating in the edTPA pilot are eligible for an edTPA reimbursement after meeting the criteria: 

  • Completing a scorable portfolio
  • No more than one condition code on a score report

After reimbursement requests have been processed, eligible candidates should receive their reimbursement in 4-6 weeks. 

Clinical teaching candidates should expect to receive reimbursements via mail and the address used to register their Pearson account. 

Intern candidates/candidates employed by a district should expect to receive reimbursements via their respective school districts. 

Districts will receive reimbursements and stipends for teacher candidates and mentor/cooperating teachers as a lump sum on a rolling monthly basis. These funds should be given to the candidates and teachers identified by participating pilot EPPs each moth. 

Please contact DeMarco Pitre at demarco.pitre@tea.texas.gov.

Possibly. Forty of Texas’ educator preparation programs are participating in Year 3 of Texas’ edTPA pilot. Teacher candidates completing clinical teaching or internship in a Texas school district may be completing an edTPA portfolio as edTPA is an approved certification exam for standard certification. Aligned to candidates’ certification areas, candidates will select one of the subject-specific areas to complete their edTPA portfolio; and throughout the development of the portfolio, candidates will receive support from their educator preparation program.   

 Although candidates may seek and receive appropriate support from faculty/instructors, supervisors, cooperating/mentor teachers, or peers during the edTPA drafting process, the ultimate responsibility for completing this assessment lies with the candidate. 
In each of the edTPA handbooks, the responsibilities are listed for candidates to review prior to beginning the drafting process of edTPA. When candidates submit completed work, they must be able to confirm their adherence with certain statements, such as the following:  

  • I have primary responsibility for teaching the students/class during the learning segment profiled in this assessment.
  • I have not previously taught this learning segment to the students/class.  
  • The video clips submitted are unedited (continuous) and show me teaching the students/class profiled in the evidence submitted.  
  • The student work included in the documentation is that of my students, completed during the learning segment documented in this assessment.  
  • I am the author of the commentaries and other written responses to prompts in this assessment.
  • Appropriate citations have been made for all materials in the assessment whose sources are from published text, the Internet, or other educators. 

Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning  

During video recording, candidates should use students’ first names only. Moreover, to ensure the confidentiality of students and themselves, candidates should not share their videos on any publicly accessible platforms or websites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Before candidates record their classroom instruction, they must ensure they have the appropriate permission from the parents/guardians of students and from adults who appear in the video recording. Educator preparation programs will provide candidates with procedures and necessary forms to obtain these permissions, according to agreements with the school or district in which they are completing edTPA. The release forms are not to be submitted with their materials, but candidates should follow their program’s policy for retaining them.

NOTE: The Texas Education Agency has developed a sample video release form for Texas’ edTPA pilot. 


Task 3: Assessing Students’ Learning  

Candidates are asked to remove their name and use pseudonyms or general references (e.g., “the district”) for their state, school, district, and cooperating/mentor teacher. They should also mask or remove all names on any typed or written material (e.g., commentaries, lesson plans, student work samples) that could identify individuals. 

Contact Information

For more information contact: DeMarco Pitre 

Pearson edTPA support email: edTPAEPPSupport@pearson.com