Document Upload in the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS)

Please review the document upload instructions that are provided in ECOS, which may answer your question. Below are other frequently asked questions.

1. The document type I want to upload is not on the list. What should I do?
Only documents on the list can be uploaded. If the document you need to submit is not on the list, it cannot be accepted through the upload system. Some documents must be mailed because they must be original to be considered official. This includes official transcripts, documents required for test exemption and documents that are required for an out-of-country review of credentials. If you upload unnecessary or unacceptable documents (cover letters, resumes, etc.), they will be deleted and treated as spam.

2. I only have a paper copy, how do I upload that to you? 
You must have a digital version of the document you would like to upload saved on your computer. If you do not, you will need to find a way to obtain a digital image. Some simple ways include:

  • Scanning a copy of your document (you may need to email to yourself and download to your computer).
  • Taking a picture of your document. Make sure it is a clear picture. (If using a smart phone, you may need to email to yourself, open your email on your computer and download the document to your computer).

3. How will I know if you received my document? Should I call you?
If you see the document in your account, it has been received. Please do not call or submit a ticket to check on the status as this will delay your process.

4. How long will it take for my documents to be reviewed?
This depends on the document you have submitted. Response times are approximate and may be longer during peak periods.

  • Name changes are processed within 10 business days.
  • Review of documents for military fee waivers are processed within several business days.
  • Review of credentials can take several weeks for processing, after all required documents are received.

5. Can I upload all documents as one file?
Please upload one document type per file. If you have different document types, please upload them separately. Example- If you have two certificates from two different states, they would need to be uploaded separately.

6. What if my document is larger than the maximum size limit of 10MB?
If the document has multiple pages, you may need to submit the pages separately. If the file is an image, you may need to reduce the resolution.

7. What if I accidentally submitted the wrong document?
You may delete a document, provided it has not yet been reviewed. You may then upload the correct document. Please note documents uploaded after your review has been completed will not be reviewed unless a new application and fee are submitted.

8. It is not letting me select “Browse” to locate and upload my file. What should I do?
Under “Select Document Type” check to make sure you selected an option from the drop-down menu. Also please write a brief statement to explain the document you are uploading as the “Educator Notes” box is a required field.

9. I was able to upload my first document, but I cannot upload another one. How can I upload additional documents? 
After completing the upload of your first document, you must select the red “Remove From View” button. You may now select a new document type and begin the process to upload your additional document.

10. I don’t see anything in the “File Name” column but I do see information in the other columns. Where is the file name? Why can’t I click on anything?
The “File Name” column is blank intentionally and there is no need to click on anything. Certain documents, such as transcripts, cannot be made available due to security reasons.

11. Do I need to upload my Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours when renewing my certificate?
No. Do not upload any CPE hours in your ECOS account. The "My Documents" section of your account is not used for this. Any questions regarding CPE may be directed to or (512) 463-5280.