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TEAL Access

For assistance with accessing your TEA Login account.

  • forgot username
  • forgot password
  • update email

Educator Preparation Programs 

For interest in becoming a certified teacher or if you are a teacher candidate currently enrolled in a Texas educator preparation program.


Fingerprint questions are answered by the Office of Fingerprinting.

Name Change

To submit a change or correction of name or date of birth, please submit your request following one of the secure options below.

  • Login to TEAL. If you already have access to the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS), click the My Documents tab on the left side of the ECOS menu. Upload your current drivers license or state ID (Out-of-Country educators must upload their passport). If you experience issues, please review our instructions for uploading documents. OR
  • If you are unable to login or do not have access to ECOS, you must submit a helpdesk ticket. Your request must include:
    • Current state drivers license or state ID (must be uploaded). Out-of-Country educators who do not hold a state-issued drivers license may submit a copy of a current passport.
    • Last four digits of social security number and/or TEA ID number, if known.
    • Previous name
    • A current email address and valid daytime phone number

Current processing time is approximately 10 business days, once all required documents are received. Response times may be longer during peak periods.

Fees & Refunds

  • Payments you have made for certification fees or services
  • Refund of certification fees you are expecting
  • Notice of returned check you have received from TEA

General Certification Questions

  • General certification and permit rules and requirements
  • Application for certification procedures
  • Technical assistance for Educator Certification Online System (ECOS)
  • Certification status
  • Certificate renewal
  • Assignment requirements
  • Certification by exam

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) 

Educators must submit questions via the Help Desk about continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

Testing Questions

For general testing questions, please submit a Help Desk ticket.

For answers to the following topics you will be directed to our test contractor's website, Pearson, (800)- 877-4599 or (413)-256-2898.

  • Policies related to the testing programs
  • Information on your score report
  • Test registration
  • Test administration dates and registration deadlines
  • Testing fees
  • Unofficial scores
  • Internet registration
  • Test day instructions
  • Preparation manuals/study guide
  • Computer Administered Tests (CAT)
  • Emergency registration
  • Special accommodations for testing
Contact Information

(512) 936-8400
Phone Options:
Option 2-Educator Preparation and Certification
Option 3-Fingerprinting
Option 6-Investigations
Testing questions: (512) 463-9039

Please use the TEA Help Desk to submit your questions. Allow several business days for staff to respond to your ticket.

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