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2021-2023 Title I, 1003 ESF-Focused Support Grant

New ESF-Focused Support Grant Webinar (external link)

Update Revised 3/16 ESF-Focused Support Grant FAQs (PDF, 100 KB)

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This grant program is intended to support the applicant with school-level improvement efforts to directly benefit Title I served Comprehensive Support and Improvement, Targeted Support and Improvement, or Additional Targeted Support and Improvement schools. The Title I, 1003 Effective Schools Framework-Focused Support Grant should be used to support the awarded schools with efforts to strengthen campus systems, build staff capacity, improve school outcomes, and continue implementation and/or support of their improvement efforts.

ESF Self-assessment Tool Kit



There are two pathway options that applicants can select from:

Pathway 1

Pathway 1 - Participation in Education Service Center (ESC) Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) Cohort or other ESC Vetted Improvement Program (VIP):

Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is a program that builds the capacity of campus and district instructional leaders on their ability to continuously improve instruction and instructional leadership. It provides whole group professional development, implementation support, and one-on-one coaching to support implementation of concrete instructional leadership skills in the areas of observation and feedback, school-wide culture routines, data driven instruction, and lesson alignment and formative assessment.

TIL trainings are aligned with many of the best practices described in the Effective Schools Framework (ESF), and ESCs that offer TIL trainings are among the approved vendors for schools seeking a technical assistance provider or capacity builder to support in the execution of a campus improvement plan.

Find approved ESC Vetted Improvement Programs at the TexasESF.org website. 

Pathway 2

Pathway 2 - Participation in an External Vetted Improvement Program (VIP):

External VIP – are training programs that have been vetted and approved to support applicants in their selection of high-quality contracted services aligned with foundational essential actions within the Effective Schools Framework (ESF). Find approved External Vetted Improvement Programs at the TexasESF.org website.

This grant is projected to post on the Grants Opportunities page on March 22, 2021.

Title I, 1003 School Improvement

The Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant (SIG) provides funds, supplemental to the Title I, Part A funds, to LEAs applying on behalf of the district’s Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools.

LEAs who have one or more Title I served schools identified on the Comprehensive Support and Improvement School Eligibility List are eligible to apply.

SIG Guidance and Tools

The following links provide documents and reports for the Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant.

Entitlements 2020-2021 Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant Planning Amounts by LEA

Campus Allocation Tool (Excel, 36KB)

Campus Allocation Tool - Example (Excel, 40KB)

Update Revised 1/22 Comprehensive Funding Report (Excel,30KB)

*Due from each awarded LEA on March 5, 2021. Upload to the ISAM application.

Update Revised 2/5 Comprehensive Funding Report - Example (Excel,35KB)

Update Revised 2/5 Comprehensive Funding Report Training (PPT, 44455 KB)

NewComprehensive Funding Report Recorded Training

In preparation for the training, locate the following items which are needed to complete the Comprehensive Funding Report:

  • 2020-2021 Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant Notice of Grant Award (NOGA)
  • 2020-2021 Title I, 1003 – School Improvement Grant Program Budget (BS6004 in eGrants)
  • Campus Allocation document
  • Internal district/funding reports

DCSI should include the LEA’s CFO and/or Business Manager to support the work with internal district and funding report information.

2019-2021 LEA Instructional Continuity Grant

The Instructional Continuity Grant is provided to LEAs which have one or more schools identified on the Targeted Support and Improvement Schools List, that are not receiving TTIPS funding, to increase the capacity of LEAs to facilitate instructional continuity and distance, remote, and/or virtual learning for identified targeted support and improvement campuses that have been affected by campus closures due to COVID-19. 

Find TEA’s Instructional Continuity planning framework here.

This grant may be amended until May 3, 2021.

Contact Information

Alice Keller, M.Ed.

School Improvement Grant Specialist

Email: alice.keller@tea.texas.gov


School Improvement Division

Email: SIDivision@tea.texas.gov 

Phone: (512) 463-5226

For assistance navigating the Intervention Stage and Activity Manager (ISAM) application, contact the ISAM Support Team at ISAM@tea.texas.gov.

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