System of Great Schools



Supporting district leaders to ensure that every student has access to a high-quality learning environment. 


TEA launched the System of Great Schools (SGS) Technical Assistance Network to support school districts across Texas that are interested in exploring and pursuing the System of Great Schools strategy for system-wide reform. This is an optional technical support program designed with a cohort model allowing interested districts to apply and participate.



What is the System of Great Schools Strategy?


The SGS strategy is a locally designed system level innovation and problem solving approach that seeks to: 

Support Educators to design and lead high quality schools; empower families with high quality options and informed choices; and focus central office on high leverage oversight, innovation, and support.

Districts that pursue the SGS strategy will design and implement a continuous improvement process that annually evaluates school quality, parent demand, and neighborhood needs to take strategic action to both improve schools and provide parents with the schools and programs they desire.

What are the System of Great Schools levers of change? 

Executing the SGS strategy requires districts to build new or strengthen existing capacities in the following six levers of change:

establish and administer portfolio review and planning process; develop and expand great schooling options, help families understand and navigate their school and program choices; build and ecosystem of effective school support and talent providers; reimagine central services to support school based decision making; align civic partners and engage the community.

Districts pursuing SGS related work will likely engage the levers in varying ways and at different times. 

SGS Member Districts: Cohort 1


El Paso, Midland, Fort Worth, Manor, Spring Branch, San Antonio, South San Antonio, Galveston