Person Enrollment Tracking

The Person Enrollment Tracking (PET) application is designed as an extension to the Person Identification Database (PID). It provides districts and open-enrollment charter schools the ability to maintain student information via PET events. A PET event is an individual student's enrollment to or withdrawal from a campus ID of enrollment coupled with the date the event took place. PET events are part of a student's PID record and can be very helpful when a district needs to identify any previous Texas districts of enrollment for students newly enrolled in their districts.

TEA requires the submission of PET files as an efficient and reliable way to dynamically track public school student enrollments and withdrawals. If two districts have PET enrollment events for the same student during the same timeframe, both districts will receive a PET statement of duplicate enrollment report.

Student identification information may not be added or changed via PET. A student must exist in PID before any PET events can be added to their PID record. If a student does not exist in PID, they must first be added via the Unique-ID application.

EDIT+ users with PET Access privileges have the ability to use the following PET functions: perform a PET search in PID, view a history of PET events, maintain a PET event, and add a PET event.

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