EDIT+ Tech Tips and Release Information

This page provides guidance for the EDIT+ user. Topics include functionality and process, report descriptions, user suggestions, and release letters.

Tech Tips

Tech Tips assist the experienced EDIT+ user with detailed technical information about the EDIT+ application functionality and processes.

EDIT+ Reports Reference

EDIT+ Reports Help provides users with a reference tool for studying EDIT+ report descriptions and samples.  It is available on any report web page within the EDIT+ application by selecting the purple book icon for a report title.  PET Reports Help is available for PET users.

Ideas and Suggestions for Reports or System Enhancements

If you have any suggestions for a new report or an enhancement to an existing report, please email your suggestion to EDIT+ Customer Support. You may also submit your suggestion within EDIT+ via a Customer Service Request (CSR).  Also use the above link for any feedback you may have for improving the EDIT+ application and your user experiences.  If you have a comment or suggestion for possible system enhancement, user functionality or a new or enhanced report, TEA would greatly appreciate hearing from you. TEA is also interested in suggestions regarding ways to enhance EDIT+ if needed.

EDIT+ Release Letters

EDIT+ Release Letters provide users with the latest information about a new release of the PEIMS EDIT+ application.  Typical contents of an EDIT+ Release Letter include:

  • Reminders and Announcements
  • Customer Support Issues
  • New Features and Enhancements for EDIT+, PET, and SAP
  • EDIT+ and PET Report Updates
  • User Documentation Updates