Dropout Prevention and Recovery Policies

For more background on Texas’ dropout prevention policies and their implementation, please see the following resources.

A History of Dropout Prevention Legislation and Policy in Texas

Dropout prevention has been a priority for Texas going back to the 1980s. However, since 2003, Texas has been more proactive and aggressive in addressing issues related to dropout prevention, high school completion, and college and career readiness. These efforts have largely been the catalyst for Texas’ increasing success. View a timeline of the related legislative history for the state.

The National Governors Association Compact Rate: A Comprehensive Approach to Improved Accuracy and Consistency in High School Graduation Rates

Texas uses the National Governors Association (NGA) four-year, on-time graduation rate known as the NGA "Compact Rate," which emphasizes using actual student data over estimates. The NGA has produced three reports detailing the ongoing development and implementation of the “Compact Rate” (2010, 2009, 2005). This brief draws from those reports and shows that Texas ranks 7th nationally among 26 states that were reported to use the “Compact Rate."

Texas Education Agency Accountability Manual

The 2009 Accountability Manual explains how accountability ratings were assigned to schools and districts in 2009. Chapters 2 and 3 contain information on the use of the Completion Rate and Dropout Rate in determining accountability ratings. The 2010 Accountability Manual will be released in late May, 2010. (Links open in new browser windows)

Dropout Prevention Strategy Plans

School districts and open-enrollment charter schools with high dropout rates, as identified by the commissioner are required to submit a plan that identifies how compensatory education allotment and high school allotment will be used for developing and implementing research-based strategies for dropout prevention. Click here for more information about the plans.

Selected Sections from Texas Education Code (TEC) and Texas Administrative Code (TAC)


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