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The following information accompanies the downloadable text file at 2011 high school completion data

DATA YEAR: 2011 


The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Data Standards provide definitions for the variables below. To locate the definitions in the Data Standards use the element ID in the PEIMS Element ID column.

VariableDescriptionPEIMS Element ID
CNTY_ALLDCounty all students denominatorNot applicablea
CNTY_ALLN_CMP1County all students completion I numeratorNot applicable
CNTY_ALLN_CMP2County all students completion II numeratorNot applicable
CNTY_ALLN_GRADCounty all students graduation numeratorNot applicable
CNTY_ALLN_CONTCounty all students continuation numeratorNot applicable
CNTY_ALLN_GEDCounty all students GED numeratorNot applicable
CNTY_ALLN_DROPCounty all students dropout numeratorNot applicable
CNTY_ALLR_CMP1County all students completion I rateNot applicable
CNTY_ALLR_CMP2County all students completion II rateNot applicable
CNTY_ALLR_GRADCounty all students graduation rateNot applicable
CNTY_ALLR_CONTCounty all students continuation rateNot applicable
CNTY_ALLR_GEDCounty all students GED rateNot applicable
CNTY_ALLR_DROPCounty all students dropout rateNot applicable
COUNTYbCounty numberNot applicable
CNTY_AADCounty African American denominatorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAN_CMP1County African American completion I numeratorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAN_CMP2County African American completion II numeratorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAN_GRADCounty African American graduation numeratorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAN_CONTCounty African American continuation numeratorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAN_GEDCounty African American GED numeratorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAN_DROPCounty African American dropout numeratorE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAR_CMP1County African American completion I rateE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAR_CMP2County African American completion II rateE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAR_GRADCounty African American graduation rateE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAR_CONTCounty African American continuation rateE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAR_GEDCounty African American GED rateE0005, E1061
CNTY_AAR_DROPCounty African American dropout rateE0005, E1061
CNTY_ASDCounty Asian denominator    E1060
CNTY_ASN_CMP1County Asian completion I numeratorE1060
CNTY_ASN_CMP2County Asian completion II numeratorE1060
CNTY_ASN_GRADCounty Asian graduation numeratorE1060
CNTY_ASN_CONTCounty Asian continuation numeratorE1060
CNTY_ASN_GEDCounty Asian GED numeratorE1060
CNTY_ASN_DROPCounty Asian dropout numeratorE1060
CNTY_ASR_CMP1County Asian completion I rateE1060
CNTY_ASR_CMP2County Asian completion II rateE1060
CNTY_ASR_GRADCounty Asian graduation rateE1060
CNTY_ASR_CONTCounty Asian continuation rateE1060
CNTY_ASR_GEDCounty Asian GED rateE1060
CNTY_ASR_DROPCounty Asian dropout rateE1060
CNTY_HSDCounty Hispanic denominatorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSN_CMP1County Hispanic completion I numeratorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSN_CMP2County Hispanic completion II numeratorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSN_GRADCounty Hispanic graduation numeratorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSN_CONTCounty Hispanic continuation numeratorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSN_GEDCounty Hispanic GED numeratorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSN_DROPCounty Hispanic dropout numeratorE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSR_CMP1County Hispanic completion I rateE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSR_CMP2County Hispanic completion II rateE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSR_GRADCounty Hispanic graduation rateE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSR_CONTCounty Hispanic continuation rateE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSR_GEDCounty Hispanic GED rateE0005, E1064
CNTY_HSR_DROPCounty Hispanic dropout rateE0005, E1064
CNTY_MUDCounty Multiracial denominatorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUN_CMP1County Multiracial completion I numeratorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUN_CMP2County Multiracial completion II numeratorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUN_CONTCounty Multiracial continuation numeratorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUN_DROPCounty Multiracial dropout numeratorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUN_GEDCounty Multiracial GED numeratorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUN_GRADCounty Multiracial graduation numeratorE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUR_CMP1County Multiracial completion I rateE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUR_CMP2County Multiracial completion II rateE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUR_CONTCounty Multiracial continuation rateE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUR_DROPCounty Multiracial dropout rateE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUR_GEDCounty Multiracial GED rateE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_MUR_GRADCounty Multiracial graduation rateE1059, E1060, E1061, E1062, E1063
CNTY_NADCounty American Indian denominatorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAN_CMP1County American Indian completion I numeratorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAN_CMP2County American Indian completion II numeratorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAN_GRADCounty American Indian graduation numeratorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAN_CONTCounty American Indian continuation numeratorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAN_GEDCounty American Indian GED numeratorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAN_DROPCounty American Indian dropout numeratorE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAR_CMP1County American Indian completion I rateE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAR_CMP2County American Indian completion II rateE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAR_GRADCounty American Indian graduation rateE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAR_CONTCounty American Indian continuation rateE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAR_GEDCounty American Indian GED rateE0005, E1059
CNTY_NAR_DROPCounty American Indian dropout rateE0005, E1059
CNTY_PIDCounty Pacific Islander denominatorE1062
CNTY_PIN_CMP1County Pacific Islander completion I numeratorE1062
CNTY_PIN_CMP2County Pacific Islander completion II numeratorE1062
CNTY_PIN_CONTCounty Pacific Islander continuation numeratorE1062
CNTY_PIN_DROPCounty Pacific Islander dropout numeratorE1062
CNTY_PIN_GEDCounty Pacific Islander GED numeratorE1062
CNTY_PIN_GRADCounty Pacific Islander graduation numeratorE1062
CNTY_PIR_CMP1County Pacific Islander completion I rateE1062
CNTY_PIR_CMP2County Pacific Islander completion II rateE1062
CNTY_PIR_CONTCounty Pacific Islander continuation rateE1062
CNTY_PIR_DROPCounty Pacific Islander dropout rateE1062
CNTY_PIR_GEDCounty Pacific Islander GED rateE1062
CNTY_PIR_GRADCounty Pacific Islander graduation rateE1062
CNTY_WHDCounty White denominatorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHN_CMP1County White completion I numeratorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHN_CMP2County White completion II numeratorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHN_GRADCounty White graduation numeratorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHN_CONTCounty White continuation numeratorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHN_GEDCounty White GED numeratorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHN_DROPCounty White dropout numeratorE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHR_CMP1County White completion I rateE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHR_CMP2County White completion II rateE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHR_GRADCounty White graduation rateE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHR_CONTCounty White continuation rateE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHR_GEDCounty White GED rateE0005, E1063
CNTY_WHR_DROPCounty White dropout rateE0005, E1063
CNTY_ECNDCounty economically disadvantaged denominatorE0785
CNTY_ECNN_CMP1County economically disadvantaged completion I numeratorE0785
CNTY_ECNN_CMP2County economically disadvantaged completion II numeratorE0785
CNTY_ECNN_GRADCounty economically disadvantaged graduation numeratorE0785
CNTY_ECNN_CONTCounty economically disadvantaged continuation numeratorE0785
CNTY_ECNN_GEDCounty economically disadvantaged GED numeratorE0785
CNTY_ECNN_DROPCounty economically disadvantaged dropout numeratorE0785
CNTY_ECNR_CMP1County economically disadvantaged completion I rateE0785
CNTY_ECNR_CMP2County economically disadvantaged completion II rateE0785
CNTY_ECNR_GRADCounty economically disadvantaged graduation rateE0785
CNTY_ECNR_CONTCounty economically disadvantaged continuation rateE0785
CNTY_ECNR_GEDCounty economically disadvantaged GED rateE0785
CNTY_ECNR_DROPCounty economically disadvantaged dropout rateE0785
CNTY_FEMDCounty female denominatorE0004
CNTY_FEMN_CMP1County female completion I numeratorE0004
CNTY_FEMN_CMP2County female completion II numeratorE0004
CNTY_FEMN_GRADCounty female graduation numeratorE0004
CNTY_FEMN_CONTCounty female continuation numeratorE0004
CNTY_FEMN_GEDCounty female GED numeratorE0004
CNTY_FEMN_DROPCounty female dropout numeratorE0004
CNTY_FEMR_CMP1County female completion I rateE0004
CNTY_FEMR_CMP2County female completion II rateE0004
CNTY_FEMR_GRADCounty female graduation rateE0004
CNTY_FEMR_CONTCounty female continuation rateE0004
CNTY_FEMR_GEDCounty female GED rateE0004
CNTY_FEMR_DROPCounty female dropout rateE0004
CNTY_MALDCounty male denominatorE0004
CNTY_MALN_CMP1County male completion I numeratorE0004
CNTY_MALN_CMP2County male completion II numeratorE0004
CNTY_MALN_GRADCounty male graduation numeratorE0004
CNTY_MALN_CONTCounty male continuation numeratorE0004
CNTY_MALN_GEDCounty male GED numeratorE0004
CNTY_MALN_DROPCounty male dropout numeratorE0004
CNTY_MALR_CMP1County male completion I rateE0004
CNTY_MALR_CMP2County male completion II rateE0004
CNTY_MALR_GRADCounty male graduation rateE0004
CNTY_MALR_CONTCounty male continuation rateE0004
CNTY_MALR_GEDCounty male GED rateE0004
CNTY_MALR_DROPCounty male dropout rateE0004
CNTY_ATRDCounty at risk denominatorE0919
CNTY_ATRN_CMP1County at risk completion I numeratorE0919
CNTY_ATRN_CMP2County at risk completion II numeratorE0919
CNTY_ATRN_GRADCounty at risk graduation numeratorE0919
CNTY_ATRN_CONTCounty at risk continuation numeratorE0919
CNTY_ATRN_GEDCounty at risk GED numeratorE0919
CNTY_ATRN_DROPCounty at risk dropout numeratorE0919
CNTY_ATRR_CMP1County at risk completion I rateE0919
CNTY_ATRR_CMP2County at risk completion II rateE0919
CNTY_ATRR_GRADCounty at risk graduation rateE0919
CNTY_ATRR_CONTCounty at risk continuation rateE0919
CNTY_ATRR_GEDCounty at risk GED rateE0919
CNTY_ATRR_DROPCounty at risk dropout rateE0919
CNTY_BEDCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) denominatorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BEN_CMP1County bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) completion I numeratorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BEN_CMP2County bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) completion II numeratorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BEN_GRADCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) graduation numeratorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BEN_CONTCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) continuation numeratorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BEN_GEDCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) GED numeratorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BEN_DROPCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) dropout numeratorE1042, E1043
CNTY_BER_CMP1County bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) completion I rateE1042, E1043
CNTY_BER_CMP2County bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) completion II rateE1042, E1043
CNTY_BER_GRADCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) graduation rateE1042, E1043
CNTY_BER_CONTCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) continuation rateE1042, E1043
CNTY_BER_GEDCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) GED rateE1042, E1043
CNTY_BER_DROPCounty bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) dropout rateE1042, E1043
CNTY_CTEDCounty career and technical education denominatorE0031
CNTY_CTEN_CMP1County career and technical education completion I numeratorE0031
CNTY_CTEN_CMP2County career and technical education completion II numeratorE0031
CNTY_CTEN_GRADCounty career and technical education graduation numeratorE0031
CNTY_CTEN_CONTCounty career and technical education continuation numeratorE0031
CNTY_CTEN_GEDCounty career and technical education GED numeratorE0031
CNTY_CTEN_DROPCounty career and technical education dropout numeratorE0031
CNTY_CTER_CMP1County career and technical education completion I rateE0031
CNTY_CTER_CMP2County career and technical education completion II rateE0031
CNTY_CTER_GRADCounty career and technical education graduation rateE0031
CNTY_CTER_CONTCounty career and technical education continuation rateE0031
CNTY_CTER_GEDCounty career and technical education GED rateE0031
CNTY_CTER_DROPCounty career and technical education dropout rateE0031
CNTY_GFTDCounty gifted and talented denominatorE0034
CNTY_GFTN_CMP1County gifted and talented completion I numeratorE0034
CNTY_GFTN_CMP2County gifted and talented completion II numeratorE0034
CNTY_GFTN_GRADCounty gifted and talented graduation numeratorE0034
CNTY_GFTN_CONTCounty gifted and talented continuation numeratorE0034
CNTY_GFTN_GEDCounty gifted and talented GED numeratorE0034
CNTY_GFTN_DROPCounty gifted and talented dropout numeratorE0034
CNTY_GFTR_CMP1County gifted and talented completion I rateE0034
CNTY_GFTR_CMP2County gifted and talented completion II rateE0034
CNTY_GFTR_GRADCounty gifted and talented graduation rateE0034
CNTY_GFTR_CONTCounty gifted and talented continuation rateE0034
CNTY_GFTR_GEDCounty gifted and talented GED rateE0034
CNTY_GFTR_DROPCounty gifted and talented dropout rateE0034
CNTY_IMMDCounty immigrant denominatorE0797
CNTY_IMMN_CMP1County immigrant completion I numeratorE0797
CNTY_IMMN_CMP2County immigrant completion II numeratorE0797
CNTY_IMMN_GRADCounty immigrant graduation numeratorE0797
CNTY_IMMN_CONTCounty immigrant continuation numeratorE0797
CNTY_IMMN_GEDCounty immigrant GED numeratorE0797
CNTY_IMMN_DROPCounty immigrant dropout numeratorE0797
CNTY_IMMR_CMP1County immigrant completion I rateE0797
CNTY_IMMR_CMP2County immigrant completion II rateE0797
CNTY_IMMR_GRADCounty immigrant graduation rateE0797
CNTY_IMMR_CONTCounty immigrant continuation rateE0797
CNTY_IMMR_GEDCounty immigrant GED rateE0797
CNTY_IMMR_DROPCounty immigrant dropout rateE0797
CNTY_LEPDCounty limited English proficient (LEP) denominatorE0790
CNTY_LEPN_CMP1County limited English proficient (LEP) completion I numeratorE0790
CNTY_LEPN_CMP2County limited English proficient (LEP) completion II numeratorE0790
CNTY_LEPN_GRADCounty limited English proficient (LEP) graduation numeratorE0790
CNTY_LEPN_CONTCounty limited English proficient (LEP) continuation numeratorE0790
CNTY_LEPN_GEDCounty limited English proficient (LEP) GED numeratorE0790
CNTY_LEPN_DROPCounty limited English proficient (LEP) dropout numeratorE0790
CNTY_LEPR_CMP1County limited English proficient (LEP) completion I rateE0790
CNTY_LEPR_CMP2County limited English proficient (LEP) completion II rateE0790
CNTY_LEPR_GRADCounty limited English proficient (LEP) graduation rateE0790
CNTY_LEPR_CONTCounty limited English proficient (LEP) continuation rateE0790
CNTY_LEPR_GEDCounty limited English proficient (LEP) GED rateE0790
CNTY_LEPR_DROPCounty limited English proficient (LEP) dropout rateE0790
CNTY_MIGDCounty migrant denominatorE0984
CNTY_MIGN_CMP1County migrant completion I numeratorE0984
CNTY_MIGN_CMP2County migrant completion II numeratorE0984
CNTY_MIGN_GRADCounty migrant graduation numeratorE0984
CNTY_MIGN_CONTCounty migrant continuation numeratorE0984
CNTY_MIGN_GEDCounty migrant GED numeratorE0984
CNTY_MIGN_DROPCounty migrant dropout numeratorE0984
CNTY_MIGR_CMP1County migrant completion I rateE0984
CNTY_MIGR_CMP2County migrant completion II rateE0984
CNTY_MIGR_GRADCounty migrant graduation rateE0984
CNTY_MIGR_CONTCounty migrant continuation rateE0984
CNTY_MIGR_GEDCounty migrant GED rateE0984
CNTY_MIGR_DROPCounty migrant dropout rateE0984
CNTY_SPEDCounty special education denominatorE0794
CNTY_SPEN_CMP1County special education completion I numeratorE0794
CNTY_SPEN_CMP2County special education completion II numeratorE0794
CNTY_SPEN_GRADCounty special education graduation numeratorE0794
CNTY_SPEN_CONTCounty special education continuation numeratorE0794
CNTY_SPEN_GEDCounty special education GED numeratorE0794
CNTY_SPEN_DROPCounty special education dropout numeratorE0794
CNTY_SPER_CMP1County special education completion I rateE0794
CNTY_SPER_CMP2County special education completion II rateE0794
CNTY_SPER_GRADCounty special education graduation rateE0794
CNTY_SPER_CONTCounty special education continuation rateE0794
CNTY_SPER_GEDCounty special education GED rateE0794
CNTY_SPER_DROPCounty special education dropout rateE0794
CNTY_TTLDCounty Title I denominatorE0894
CNTY_TTLN_CMP1County Title I completion I numeratorE0894
CNTY_TTLN_CMP2County Title I completion II numeratorE0894
CNTY_TTLN_GRADCounty Title I graduation numeratorE0894
CNTY_TTLN_CONTCounty Title I continuation numeratorE0894
CNTY_TTLN_GEDCounty Title I GED numeratorE0894
CNTY_TTLN_DROPCounty Title I dropout numeratorE0894
CNTY_TTLR_CMP1County Title I completion I rateE0894
CNTY_TTLR_CMP2County Title I completion II rateE0894
CNTY_TTLR_GRADCounty Title I graduation rateE0894
CNTY_TTLR_CONTCounty Title I continuation rateE0894
CNTY_TTLR_GEDCounty Title I GED rateE0894
CNTY_TTLR_DROPCounty Title I dropout rateE0894
CNTYNAMECounty nameNot applicable


aNot defined in PEIMS. Please see the dropout and completion reports for information on variables not defined in PEIMS and for other information related to the calculation of completion rates.

bIf a three-digit County number begins with zeros, the leading zeros will not be maintained in the downloaded file.

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