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The following information accompanies the downloadable text file at 2003-04 annual dropout data.

DATA YEAR: 2003-04 
RECORDS: 8,629 

The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Data Standards provide definitions for the variables below. To locate the definitions in the Data Standards use the element ID in the PEIMS Element ID column.

VariableDescriptionPEIMS Element ID
CAMP_AADCampus African American denominatorE0005
CAMP_AANCampus African American numeratorE0005
CAMP_AARCampus African American annual dropout rateE0005
CAMP_ALLDCampus all students denominatorNot applicablea
CAMP_ALLNCampus all students numeratorNot applicable
CAMP_ALLRCampus all students annual dropout rateNot applicable
CAMP_ASDCampus Asian/Pacific Islander denominatorE0005
CAMP_ASNCampus Asian/Pacific Islander numeratorE0005
CAMP_ASRCampus Asian/Pacific Islander annual dropout rateE0005
CAMP_ATRDCampus at risk denominatorE0919
CAMP_ATRNCampus at risk numeratorE0919
CAMP_ATRRCampus at risk annual dropout rateE0919
CAMP_BEDCampus bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) denominatorE0032, E0800
CAMP_BENCampus bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) numeratorE0032, E0800
CAMP_BERCampus bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) annual dropout rateE0032, E0800
CAMP_CTEDCampus Career and Technology Education denominatorE0031
CAMP_CTENCampus Career and Technology Education numeratorE0031
CAMP_CTERCampus Career and Technology Education annual dropout rateE0031
CAMP_ECNDCampus economically disadvantaged denominatorE0785
CAMP_ECNNCampus economically disadvantaged numeratorE0785
CAMP_ECNRCampus economically disadvantaged annual dropout rateE0785
CAMP_FEMDCampus female denominatorE0004
CAMP_FEMNCampus female numeratorE0004
CAMP_FEMRCampus female annual dropout rateE0004
CAMP_GFTDCampus gifted and talented denominatorE0034
CAMP_GFTNCampus gifted and talented numeratorE0034
CAMP_GFTRCampus gifted and talented annual dropout rateE0034
CAMP_HSDCampus Hispanic denominatorE0005
CAMP_HSNCampus Hispanic numeratorE0005
CAMP_HSRCampus Hispanic annual dropout rateE0005
CAMP_IMMDCampus immigrant denominatorE0797
CAMP_IMMNCampus immigrant numeratorE0797
CAMP_IMMRCampus immigrant annual dropout rateE0797
CAMP_LEPDCampus limited English proficient (LEP) denominatorE0790
CAMP_LEPNCampus limited English proficient (LEP) numeratorE0790
CAMP_LEPRCampus limited English proficient (LEP) annual dropout rateE0790
CAMP_MALDCampus male denominatorE0004
CAMP_MALNCampus male numeratorE0004
CAMP_MALRCampus male annual dropout rateE0004
CAMP_MIGDCampus migrant denominatorE0984
CAMP_MIGNCampus migrant numeratorE0984
CAMP_MIGRCampus migrant annual dropout rateE0984
CAMP_NADCampus Native American denominatorE0005
CAMP_NANCampus Native American numeratorE0005
CAMP_NARCampus Native American annual dropout rateE0005
CAMP_OVRDCampus overage denominatorNot applicable
CAMP_OVRNCampus overage numeratorNot applicable
CAMP_OVRRCampus overage annual dropout rateNot applicable
CAMP_SPEDCampus special education denominatorE0794
CAMP_SPENCampus special education numeratorE0794
CAMP_SPERCampus special education annual dropout rateE0794
CAMP_TTLDCampus Title I denominatorE0894
CAMP_TTLNCampus Title I numeratorE0894
CAMP_TTLRCampus Title I annual dropout rateE0894
CAMP_WHDCampus White denominatorE0005
CAMP_WHNCampus White numeratorE0005
CAMP_WHRCampus White annual dropout rateE0005
CAMPNAMECampus nameNot applicable
CAMPUSbCampus numberNot applicable
CNTYNAMECounty nameNot applicable
COUNTYCounty numberNot applicable
DISTNAMEDistrict nameNot applicable
DISTRICTbDistrict numberNot applicable
GRADESPANGrades 7-8, 9-12, or 7-12Not applicable
REGIONRegion numberNot applicable
REGNNAMERegion nameNot applicable

aNot defined in PEIMS. Please see the dropout and completion reports for information on variables not defined in PEIMS and for other information related to the calculation of annual dropout rates.
bIf a six-digit district number or nine-digit campus number begins with zeros, the leading zeros will not be maintained in the downloaded file.

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