State Waiver Types - Class Size

This page outlines information on class size waivers available thorugh TEA. A link is also provided that leads to content regarding the new automated waiver system.

Automated Waivers Application


The provisions and requirements of class Size waivers as required by Texas Education Code (TEA) 25.112. Each school district in Texas is required to conduct a class size enrollment survey for Kindergarten through Grade 4 no later than September. If the survey indicates that any class for Grades K-4 exceeds the allowable class size limit of 22:1. The district must submit the class size waiver request/form and a copy of a current compliance plan that has been approved by the local board of trustees. The plan must include the name(s) of campus (es), campus rating, grade(s), and number of sections exceeding the 22:1 class size ratio; steps to be taken to bring the district into compliance; timeline for completion; any new efforts/progress toward compliance.