Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee

The Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee (TEEAC) helps assure that professional development in environmental education aligns to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Upon request, the committee may also advise the commissioner on environmental education issues.

The TEEAC Annual Providers' meeting brings together representatives from zoos, museums, and nature centers to learn about state curriculum issues and initiatives.


The Annual TEEAC Providers’ Meeting will take place January 12, 2018, in Austin. You can ask to be added to the invitation list via an email to irene.pickhardt@tea.texas.gov.

Professional Development

Information about the TEEAC providers and how to become a TEEAC provider is listed below.

TEEAC Providers: TEEAC coordinates with other state, regional, and local agencies that develop environmental education materials and programs. TEEAC cooperates with a network of providers of environmental education professional development, including universities, state agencies, museums, non-profits, and nature centers.

This network helps assure that teacher professional development is educationally rigorous and consistent with the TEKS. For a list of TEEAC Providers, please refer to the document, TEEAC Providers, in the documents section below.

How to Become a TEEAC Provider: To become a TEEAC Provider, an institution must provide professional development to educators and/or provide educational opportunities for Texas students. Providers complete a Program Description Form for each workshop they offer educators. You can request the Program Description Form via email to irene.pickhardt@tea.texas.gov.

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The documents below are resources for environmental education:

 TEEAC Providers 2017-18

Guidelines for Instructional Field Experiences (PDF, 1.86 KB)

Authentic Field Experiences K-12 (PDF, 196 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 19.6 KB) 

Coursework Verification Form (PDF, 462 KB) Used by educators to affix stickers to record attended workshops


Irene Pickhardt

Texas Education Agency
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701-1401
(512) 463-9581

Kiki Corry, TEEAC Chair
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
(512) 389-4369