Optional Flexible Year Program

The Optional Flexible Year Program (OFYP) allows districts to modify their instructional calendars to meet student educational needs (e.g. intensive instructional services) and reduce the number of instructional days for certain students.  


Law and Rules 


Application Information

Districts must submit an annual application notifying the Texas Education Agency (TEA) of their plans to participate in the OFYP. In addition to the application, districts must submit a letter to the TEA with the following information:

  • the proposed modifications to the instructional calendar
  • a description of the OFYP that will be provided under the Texas Education Code, §29.0821
  • the date on which the school district board of trustees approved the modified instructional calendar

If a district is requesting a waiver of staff development days or teacher preparation days, the letter must also indicate approval from the campus site-based decision-making committee.

The TEA will not approve any OFYP application that reduces the number of instructional days to fewer than 180 days for students who meet the eligibility criteria.



These annual announcement letters explain any program changes that may have occurred since the previous year.


Application Form  

Please email the completed application to opflex@tea.texas.gov


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


OFYP Districts 


For additional information, contact:

Division of State Funding

(512) 463-4834