Career and Technology Education Allotment

School districts are eligible to receive weighted* funding for eligible full-time equivalent (FTE) students in approved Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs. In addition to this weighted funding, school districts are also eligible to receive $50 for each FTE student enrolled in two or more advanced CTE courses for three or more credits.  Additionally, students enrolled in a designated P-TECH or a 9-12 New Tech campus (identified by having an active agreement with the New Tech Network) are eligible for $50 per student.  These two funding elements determine a district's total CTE allotment. The CTE allotment applies to students in grades 7-12 who take an approved career and technical education (CTE) course designated with an "H" in the CTE course column of the Texas Education Data Standards, Section 4, Service-ID (CO22) code table. 

For more information, see Texas Education Code: §48.106, Career and Technology Education Allotment.

* Districts receive 35% more funding for CTE full-time equivalent students than for regular students.


Methodology and Related Information

These links provide information about how the CTE allotment is calculated.  


 CTE Advanced Courses Lists

CTE Advanced Courses List for 2020-2021 Excel 20 KB PDF 147 KB
CTE Advanced Courses List for 2019–2020 Excel 29 KB PDF 141 KB
CTE Advanced Courses List for 2018–2019 Word 45 KB PDF 215 KB
CTE Advanced Courses List for 20102011 through 20182019 school years    Excel 37 KB PDF 700 KB
CTE Advanced Courses List for 2009–2010   PDF 43 KB


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